Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've Solved the Kyron Hormon Case: Missing Oregon Boy, Here's My Theory:

UPDATE: Kaine Horman has filed for divorce, a restraining order against his wife Terri Horman and moved out of their home with their 18 month old daughter. News sources state that law enforcement recommended the move and restraining order. Law enforcement must have filled him in on the information they have gathered.

New Information as of 6/23/10: Some bloggers are claiming that Kyron's body was found but that law enforcement wants it to be kept quiet.

Let's all remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and my theory is based on my research on the internet and my own intuition.

As you all know, Kyron Horman is a 7 year old boy from Oregon who went missing on June 4, 2010 allegedly from his elementary school, Skyline Elementary.

His stepmother claims that she last saw the boy walking towards his classroom at 8:45am as she left the school.

She then claimed that she did not realize he was missing until 3:30pm when he did not get off of the school bus.

Immediately I was suspicious. Anytime a child is reported missing hours after that actually went missing. Hours lost means it will be more difficult for police and searchers to find the child.

Kyron's teacher said that she reported him absent that day, but was not surprised because Terri Moulton had told her that Kyron had a doctor appointment and would not be at school. Of course there was paperwork for the doctor appointment. The police can find out if Terri did purposely mislead the teacher by requesting June 4 off for the appointment. They can also talk to the doctor to see if there really was a doctor appointment for June 11.

Terri Moulton Horman (who was born in Grass Valley, CA and then adopted by the Moulton's), claimed that the teacher was mistaken because she was hard of hearing in one ear and that Kyron's doctor appointment was actually for the following Friday, June 11, 2010. Terri was setting it up so that no one would be alarmed when Kyron was absent from school.

Terri's son from a previous marriage was at a boy scout camp with his biological father when Kyron went missing.

Terri's 18 month old child with Kaine Horman (Kyron's biological father) was left at a friends house the day Kyron went missing, but Terri did not have any plans that would require her to leave her daughter for the day. Who leaves an 18 month old when there is not a reason to do so?

Terri wanted to make sure that no one was home that day.

Terri's friends claim that she has raised Kyron since he was a baby. The truth is that Kyron's biological mother and father separated when Desiree Young (Kyron's biological mother) was still pregnant.

Terri was one of Desiree's friends. Desiree became ill (possibly kidney failure) and had to travel to Canada for treatment. While she was gone, she left Kyron with his dad, Kaine Horman. Kaine hired Terri to help him and Terri moved into his home with her then 9 year old son, James (who is now 16).

Eventually, Terri and Kaine married and had a daughter together.

The puzzling part is why would she do harm to this beautiful, sweet, loving little boy? It does not make sense to anyone.

Then I found out that her 16 year old son was sent to live with his grandparents earlier this year. He then moved in with his biological father. This was an ah ha moment for me. A light bulb went off in my head.

Now all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Something happened regarding her 16 year old son and her 7 year old stepson, Kyron. She then need to get rid of Kyron to save her own son. Terri Moulton Horman had to keep Kyron quiet. Kyron obviously knew something about her son that she did not want him to tell anyone else.

New information as of 6/23/10: Not only did Kyron's uncle Kristian Horman (Kaine's brother) admit to molesting his girlfriends daughter, but he then told law enforcement that he was molested by his grandfather. Terri Moulton Horman probably did not know that she had married into a family of child molesters. This information gives more creed to my theory that Terri's son possibly molested Kyron or Kyron knew something about him that Terri did not want to get out. Terri had to protect her son and keep Kyron quiet even though she always loved him.

No one would suspect Terri Moulton Horman. After all, she had been a loving, devoted step mother. Just that CSI T-shirt gives me the heebee jeebee's, she knows all about crime scene investigations. I guess she may have forgotten about cell phone pings or may be she did not realize that they still ping a tower even if you are not using them at the moment.

Of course, this theory means that most likely Kyron is no longer with us, which is not the result that all of us want. I am so sad that this is the most likely conclusion and my condolences go out to his family.

It is now being alleged that two teachers from the school saw Kyron leaving with his step mother.

Her cell phone pinged on a nearby island (Sauvie) the day Kyron went missing which does not match her story to police.

She was last seen at 8:15am at the school by PTA president Gina Zimmerman. She called the school at 3:45pm to say that he did not get off of the bus. She had 7 1/2 hours to do her dirty work. The school called 911, so the police gave the call a low priority because they thought it was just a child that did not get off the bus at the correct spot.

Terri Moulton Horman did not race down to the school to begin searching for her missing step son. Why not? Everyone else on the planet would have jumped in their car and raced down to the school to start searching, but not Terri Horman, she just stayed at home.

Terri Moulton Horman did not call 911. This is also suspicious. Everyone else would have called immediately and then raced down to the school. She did not, because she knew that Kyron was not at the school. Because she new exactly where Kyron was and still is. I just hope that he is found or that Terri tells where he is as soon as possible.

Bloggers found quips on her Facebook page just days after Kyron went missing stating that she was "hitting the gym". Local reporters filmed Terri Moulton Horman and Kaine Horman leaving the gym. They jumped into their car without giving a comment.

Police officials say that parents of missing children usually cannot even move off of the couch, let alone go workout.

I am sure that the police already have the same theory that I do, but they just cannot say at this time. They are probably trying to find enough evidence to arrest Terri Horman. I sure hope that they find Kyron as soon as possible and that Terri receives the justice she deserves. Does Oregon have the death penalty?

Interesting side note: Terri's second husband adopted her son James. Her second husband, Ecker pays almost $500 a month in child support. Now James is living with his real dad, Tarver. Does Ecker still have to pay child support? Does he pay it to Tarver?

Terri Moulton Horman is not your typical stay at home mom, she married her friends ex husband, is on her third marriage, had children with two different husbands and one step son. Some how she had her son adopted by her second husband and now he has to pay child support to the real father of the child. And now out of three children, the only one that is not her biological child has gone missing just a couple of months after her 16 year old moved out.

As my grandma used to say: Nutty-nut!