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How to Know If Your Spouse is Cheating

I will use the term he throughout the article for convenience and because I am a she. I do not want anyone to think that I believe only men cheat because I, of course, know that both sexes cheat.

HE STARTS COMING HOME LATE - You have been married for five to ten years and now all of a sudden he has to work late almost every night. Especially on Friday nights, you know the night when everyone has to work late!

- He can't quite pin point just what is on his mind, but it is something. And he just can't be bothered right now.

HE IS DISINTERESTED IN YOU - He has even stopped complaining about things that you do because he is just not interested at all.

HE IS DISINTERESTED IN THE CHILDREN - He starts to miss events and special occasions because he thinks they are not that important.

- The amount of time he spends on the phone or returning phone calls has significantly increased.

HE APPEARS FRESHLY SHOWERED WHEN HE GETS HOME - He is cleaner than when he left for work when he arrives home.

How to Have More Sex With Your Wife

Have Fun With Your Wife Have Fun With Your Wife

Everyone is different, so this advice may not work in every relationship. But it sure is worth a try because sex is great for everyone. It is beneficial to all humans both mentally and physically.

MAKE HER LAUGH - There is not a better aphrodisiac than laughter. Make a point of having fun with your wife. If you can't think of anything, try renting a comedy movie.

- Women like to be buttered up. Plan a nice evening of dinner out, a play or musical, cocktails after. May be some dancing. After all of that you will be irresistible.

LISTEN - Women like to talk. They also like to be listened to. Paying attention to your wife will make a lot of points with her.

TELL HER SHE LOOKS THINNER - Try something like, "I don't know what you have been doing, but you have definitely lost weight." That should work.

How to Be Sexy For Your Husband

I am sure that the first thing that most of you ladies are thinking is that you need to lose weight to be sexy. I am here to tell you that you do not need to lose weight. Your husband will think you look sexy just they way you are. It is how men are programmed. You need to forget about how you think you look. It does not matter if you do not think you look sexy. It only matters if he thinks that you look sexy. Feeling sexy will also help you to look sexy.

EVENING WEAR - Wear sexy lingerie. Once again, it does not matter if you think that you look fat in it. It only matters he will think you look sexy. Trust me. Wear a short black dress with sexy lingerie underneath. Your body shape, size, weight does not matter. And DO NOT ask him if you look fat in it. Do not tell him you think you look fat! That kind of talk is not sexy.

DAILY WEAR - Wear clothing that fits you appropriately. Wear jeans or pants that fit you well, not too loose and not too tight. I know that there are some men that prefer really tight jeans on women, but we won't go there. Form fitting blouses and shirts are very sexy also. Sexy can be very simple. Jeans with sandals (with a heel) and a form fitting blouse is very sexy.

SEXY ATTITUDE - You need to feel sexy inside so that it comes out in everything that you do. The way you walk, the way you smile, the way you laugh. This is one area where the saying "fake it until you make it" really works. If you do not feel sexy, just pretend that you feel sexy. Once you see the difference in your husband, you will feel sexy.

DO SEXY THINGS - Try to do things that you normally would not do (or may be you already do, I don't know) such as take a bubble bath when he is expected home from work or tell him you are not wearing any underwear at dinner. I know that is not something that women like to do, but men think that it is really sexy. Just the thought of women not wearing underwear drives them crazy.

- Simple things such as dimming the lights, eating by candle light, sitting in front of the fire - all give a sexy appeal. You can be sexy for your husband everyday.

How to Look Sexy Today

Everyone Can Look Sexy Everyone Can Look Sexy

There are many things that you can do to make yourself look and feel sexier today. You do not need to lose weight or get plastic surgery, there are many things that you can change within hours to make yourself sexy.

GET A NEW HAIR CUT - Splurge on a new hair cut for yourself. Let your hairdresser know that you are looking for something that gives you a younger and sexier look.

DO YOUR NAILS AND TOES - You can have a manicure and a pedicure or you can do it yourself. Nothing makes you feel fresh and sexy like getting your nails done.

GET A NEW MAKEUP LOOK - You can get a free new makeup look at the makeup counter at your local department store. You can also do it yourself or have a friend teach you a new look. You can dust your face with a face powder that is darker than your skin and it will give you a faux tan look. It will make you look healthier and sexier.

GET A TAN - Tanning is dangerous and ages your skin. Luckily, technology has brought us a new revolution in tanning. A spray on tan can be done professionally. Spray on tans are long lasting and look good. Or you can apply a tan yourself with many over the counter products. The do it yourself tan is easy to apply and will look good also. Tans are a great part of your sexy look.

WEAR CLOTHES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD - I am not talking about your favorite sweats. Clothes that make you feel like you look the best. Most likely you have them in your closet already, but you have not pulled them out in a long time. Clothes that make you feel like you look your best also make you feel sexy.

HAVE A SEXY ATTITUDE - If you think you look sexy and are sexy, you will be sexy. Sexy is an attitude more than anything else.

How to Make This The Right Time For Sex

If you have been finding yourself saying no to your man, making excuses are putting sex off for a later date or time, may be you need to evaluate your reasons why.

NO TIME - Is there really no time for sex? May be you have just gotten out of the habit of having sex on a regular basis. If so, make the time. Just do it now. Certainly you can put off that load of laundry or doing the dishes.

NO PRIVACY - This may be a little trickier, but couples all over the world find a place and a time to have sex no matter how many children or house guests they have. Certainly your children must sleep at some time. Make a point to be awake the next time they are all sleeping.

YOU JUST DON'T FEEL LIKE IT - This is a state of mind that you can get over. If you "just do it" you will get yourself back in the swing of things. You need to take control of your mind and tell yourself that you want to do it.

How to Save Your Marriage

To save a troubled marriage both partners need to make the effort to change their lives. If you have children it is imperative that you make things work out. Children of divorced parents are devastated and sometimes do not get over it for years if ever. After a divorce you will have no say about what is happening in your child's life when they are with their other parent. Your child may be left with a step parent or boyfriend/girlfriend. Your child may be ignored. Either way a divorce is the worst thing for a child unless there is physical abuse.

PUT YOURSELF IN YOUR SPOUSES SHOES - Try to see things from their point of view even if you completely disagree with their point of view. Listen when your spouse speaks, if you do not like what they are saying, then ignore it. Take the good stuff and leave the rest.

STOP BEING NARCISSISTIC - Open your world up to include other people. Stop thinking only of yourself. You are on a very important team. If other people depend on your team (such as children) it is important that you make this team work.

REMEMBER WHY - There was once a reason why you married your spouse. Try to remember the good times and the reasons why you married your spouse in the first place.

PLAN A GREAT DATE - Plan a date with your spouse that you know they will enjoy. You should enjoy it too even if you are just faking it. Do something that they absolutely love whether it is a romantic weekend away or a day shopping at the mall.

Find The Love Of Your Life

If you want to know how to find the love of your life, the first thing that you want to do is stop looking. If you are desperate to find someone it actual slows up your progress. Continue enjoying your daily life and the love of your life will appear eventually.

DO THE THINGS YOU ENJOY - When you are looking for the love of your life, you want to find someone that is like minded. If you want to find someone that enjoys the same things that you do, then do them. While you are doing the things that you love to do, you will meet people. If you are a jogger, then join a jogging group. If you are a reader, then join a book club. Join your favorite church. Join the local softball league. You will meet like minded people at the places where you hang out.

DON'T JUDGE PEOPLE - When you do meet new people, try to suppress the natural urge to judge them by the way they look, the job, car, clothing, etc. Those outside appearances are not the person inside. Treat everyone as if they are one of your long time friends.

KEEP SOCIAL - Make sure that you continue with your social life. Attend parties, weddings, and events, you never know who you might meet.

DON'T BE NEGATIVE - Not only should you be positive, but you should not talk about wanting to find the love of your life all the time. This can be really annoying and counter productive. You know how to find the love of your life, now just enjoy life until it happens.

How to Keep The Love Alive in Your Life

Everyone needs to focus on how to keep the love alive in their life on a regular basis. If we all did it the world would be a better place.

REMEMBER WHY YOU FELL IN LOVE - Reminiscing about the time that you fell in love makes you appreciate the love that you have today. Get out old photo albums and scrapbooks. Your kids will love to see the two of you when you were falling in love.

- If you ever wonder how to keep the love alive in your life, the answer is spending time together. Plan special nights out doing what the two of you love to do. Even if it is only once a month, it will really keep your love alive.

SMALL THINGS MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE - Holding hands, walking arm and arm, and an unexpected kiss are subtle ways to let your love know that you are still in love. Keep up this physical contact with the love of your life.

TELL OTHERS - When you are speaking of the love of your life only say wonderful things and let everyone know how much in love you still are. This is how to keep the love alive in your life.

How to Escape An Abusive Husband

If you are a victim of domestic violence you need to escape your abusive husband immediately. There is help available and you can be protected.

KEEP QUIET - Do not tell your husband you are leaving. You do not want your husband to find out that you are leaving before you get out, so do not tell anyone. Do not even tell your children until all of you (you and your children) are in safe hands.

- Call your local women's shelter. They will come immediately to pick up you and your children. They will take you to a safe place and your husband will not be able to get access to you. They will also help you with your plans for the future. There is no fee to you for this service.

WHILE YOU ARE WAITING - After you have called the shelter to come pick up you and your children, pack your bags. You do not need to pack everything just enough for a short trip and everything your kids need to feel comfortable, their favorite teddy bear or game boy.

TAKE ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN - Do not leave any children behind at your home for any reason. Take care of yourself and your children today.

How to Give Your Sex Life A Boost

Your sex life only needs more participation from you to be better.

If you want to know how to give your sex life a boost it is as easy as making an effort. Get plenty of rest, reduce your stress and set your mind to it.

ALWAYS TOO TIRED? - Plan ahead so that you have the time and you are not too tired. Go to bed early and set yourself up for success in the bedroom. The dishes and laundry can be put off until tomorrow. Make the time for sex tonight. You will benefit emotionally and physically. You can boost your sex life just by planning for it.

REDUCE STRESS - Too much stress can kill a good mood. Reduce your stress by not dwelling on your issues. Take care of issues that you can control and let go of issues that you have no power over. There is no need to dwell on something that you have no power over. You cannot fix it and the stress is bad for your health, mental well being and sex life.

SET YOUR MIND TO IT - Get your head ready for sex. Mentally prepare yourself. If you are having trouble getting in the mood you can try using videos or other visual stimulation to get yourself ready for sex.

How to Get Your Wife To Want Sex

Make your wife feel sexy by telling her how she turns you on.

Have you been wondering how to get your wife to want sex? You need to think in terms of convincing her mentally and her physical body will follow suit. Complimenting her, being playful and being subtle will help ease her into a more romantic mood.

COMPLIMENTING - Compliment your wife on her physical looks. There are two areas that will get you more points with your wife, weight loss and sexiness. Tell her how sexy she looks. Tell her how she turns you on. You can also make a lot of points by telling her that she looks thinner and she must have lost weight. Don't be fake. Really mean what you say. You need to believe it to make sure that she believes it. You can get your wife to have more sex with you if you are sincere with your compliments.

BE PLAYFUL - Create a fun and light environment. If you are playful, loving and silly, your wife will let her guard down and open up more. Try doing something new and fun to get her attention when she is not expecting it, such as blowing bubbles towards her or serenading her. She will think you are unbelievably romantic. You can also write her little love notes and slip them into her purse. They do not need to be long. A simple, I love you is enough. It will bring a smile to her face at an unexpected time and make her think fondly of you which will lead to romantic feelings toward you when she sees you.

BE ROMANTIC - Be subtly romantic. Take your wife out to her favorite restaurant and then out to something that she loves to do. May be a romantic comedy, play or dancing. She will love it and you. Women are easier to please than you think. You do not need to some riding in on a white horse, but what fun if you did. You can do many small things that your wife will love and will therefore make her more open to have sex with you. Don't come on too strong. Just be natural. Focus on your wife and try to learn about what makes her happy. The happier your wife is, the more sex the two of you will have. Now you know how to get your wife to have sex with you.

How to Have Better Sex with your Husband

Well, I guess we should start with having sex and then build up to having better sex.

If you do not have sex with your husband very much it is time for you to increase the frequency. It is good for both of you. Having sex is very healthy, not only is it good exercise, but it is also beneficial to your health and well being. Do not allow more than 30 days to pass before having sex. You really should increase it to at least once a week. If you are having difficulty getting yourself in the mood try watching a movie such as Dirty Dancing. If Patrick Swayze can't get you in the mood then you may need extra help.

Wear sexy lingerie. Yes, you should definitely do this. Do not worry about what you look like. Your husband does not care if you have gain a couple of pounds. He still likes to see you in lingerie, trust me on this one.

Use your mind and fantasize. Your mind is the best aphrodisiac. You can make yourself climax just by using your mind. Try it, it really works.

How to Spice Up Sex with Your Husband

Your husband will love it if you spice up your sex life.

Knowing how to spice up sex with your husband can improve your marriage. Years of marriage and children can take a toll on your sex life. If sex is not what you want it to be or you do not have it often enough, make some changes that your husband will appreciate.

LINGERIE - Buy some new lingerie. Buy something that your husband will think looks sexy. Don't worry if you think that you look fat or out of shape, your husband will not care, he will appreciate the lingerie and he will not think that you look fat or out of shape. Buy a size that fits properly and wear it. Your husband will love the fact that you are trying to spice up your sex life.

WARM YOURSELF UP - Take the time to prepare yourself ahead of time so that you are warmed up when you see your husband and he sees you in your new lingerie. Your warm up technique is personal and you already know what will work best for you. Whether it is reading an erotic story, fantasizing or watching a movie, take the time to be ready for sex when you see your husband.

PLAN A DATE - Plan a date night once a week so that you and your husband have the private time together and opportunity to have a great sex life. You know how to spice up sex with your husband, now you just need to do it.

How to Create Sex Appeal

You are sexier than you think.

Learn how to create sex appeal and boost your sex life. You are sexier than you think you are. People are probably looking at you in a sexy way more often than you think. Your spouse probably gives you loving looks even when you do not notice. Most of your sex appeal comes from inside. It is how you feel about yourself. If you feel sexy, you will be sexy.

- Think sexy to be sexy. Imagine yourself as a playful carefree young person, no matter what your age. Leave your serious side behind, it is time to have fun with life. As you go through each day, look at each thing that you do as if you have never done it before and you are curious and loving to learn it for the first time. Leave your hectic life behind to have fun and be positive. Positive is very sexy.

SMILE ALL THE TIME - Start smiling all of the time. Smiling makes you and your body feel better and will help you to create the sex appeal that you want. Even when you are faking a smile, it is sending positive messages to your brain. Smiling and laughing will make you feel and look sexier. Sex appeal is something that you have when you are happy, so be happy.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS - Wear clothing that makes you feel sexy. It does not matter what it looks like. Torn jeans can be sexy. The only thing that matters is that you look sexy in your outfit. If there are certain pieces of clothing that get you more attention from the opposite sex, that is a good place to start. If you are getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex, then you can assume that you look sexy in that outfit.

AROMA - Use your undetectable scent to make you more attractive. Humans are attracted to each other by an undetectable scent that tells them who they like. Keep yourself well groomed and freshly showered without using heavy perfumes. Perfume can actually mask your natural scents. You products that have no or a mild scent such as deodorant. You can create your sex appeal naturally.

How to Get Your Wife to Be More Sexual

You can have more sex with your wife if you make her feel sexy.

Have you been wondering how to get your wife to be more sexual? Life, aging and stress can reduce a woman's sex drive. The key to get your wife to be more sexual is to make her feel sexy. Once she feels sexy, the next thing you know, she will want more sex too.

CHARM HER - Do spontaneous sweet nothings for your wife throughout her day. Leave a little love note in her purse. Pick some flowers and put them in a vase for her. Run a bubble bath for her in the evening. These gestures may seem small to a man, but they are huge to a woman. Charming your wife is easier than you may think. It is easier than you think to get your wife to be more sexual.

TELL HER - Tell your wife every day how much you love her and how beautiful she is and how sexy she looks. All three thoughts are important. Words can mean a lot if they are given sincerely. Do not allow a day to pass without telling your wife how important she is to you by mentioning how much you love her. Just mentioning how sexy she is and how much she turns you on will make a big difference and help her to be more sexual towards you.

BUY HER SOMETHING SEXY - Buy something sexy for your wife. If you think it is sexy then she will like it. Buy her some sexy lingerie, some sexy panties, or a sexy blouse. Your wife will really appreciate the fact that you took the time to buy her something sexy. It will make her feel sexy to think that you bought her something sexy. Remember that for women, sexual feelings are mostly in their minds. Convincing her that she is sexy will make you more points than other techniques.

WOO HER - Spend the time to create a romantic evening for your wife. Take her out to the things that she enjoys. Take her out to her favorite restaurant, then out dancing or to a show. Women love dancing so even if you do not enjoy it, make the effort to go anyway. No one will be looking at you so don't worry about how you look when you are dancing, just do it.
If you need additional help, please look in the Resources section below. Knowing how to get your wife to be more sexual will greatly improve your relationship.

How to Have More Sex With Your Husband Tonight

Have you been wondering how to have more sex with your husband tonight? Spice up your love life with your husband by introducing some new positions, toys, and videos to your bedroom. It will surprise your husband and give your sex life the boost that it needs.
LOOK SEXY - Wear your sexiest lingerie. If you do not have privacy initially, you can wear the sexy lingerie under your clothes and let your husband know what he can expect later in the evening.
A little black dress over your sexy lingerie will help as well.
ACT SEXY - Walk, talk and feel sexy. Even when you are sitting down, you can do it in a sexy way. Cross your legs and bend your foot back behind the lower leg. Sit with good posture, shoulders back, chest out and keep a smile on your face.
INTRODUCE LUBRICANTS - Introduce only a lubricant into your bedroom. Too many new sex toys at one time may be overwhelming for your husband. A lubricant is non threatening and may give you both some added pleasure. There are many lubricants on the market for you to choose from.
INTRODUCE TOYS - Next, try to introduce a toy to your bedroom. Toys and vibrators can be a lot of fun and your husband may warm up to it quickly. Make sure your first toy is a small one.
Knowing how to have more sex with your husband tonight can save your marriage and increase your intimacy with your husband.
NEW POSITIONS - Try a new position. Just say "I think it will be more comfortable if we try it like this." Trying a new position is one of the easiest things that you can do to give your sex life a boost.
You do not need to stand on your head, just a small adjustment in position can make a world of difference.
INTRODUCE VIDEOS - Watch an adult movie before, and during your private time in the bedroom. Watching a movie can relax and stimulate both you and your husband. Watching movies is an inexpensive and fun way to give your sex life a boost. You will find your sex life increasing in a very short period of time if you watch movies first.
If you need more information about having more sex with your husband, please look here. Knowing how to have more sex with your husband tonight can help you enjoy life more.

How to Use the Magic Of Making Up to Get Your Ex Back

Use the things that you know your ex can't resist to get him back.

Breaking up can be hard to do, but getting back together can be even harder. Learn how to use the magic of making up to get your ex back.

Remember the good times of the past to bring some nostalgia to your relationship. Think back to the best times and remember the things that your ex enjoyed the most and then try to relive them.


Convince your ex to make plans with you. If they are resistant, mention that you already have so much invested, why not one more meeting.

Tell them that you guarantee that they will not regret it. To seal the deal tell them that you made reservations at his or her favorite restaurant or another place that you know they cannot resist.

If your relationship is right on the edge, it may not take very much to pull it back to your side. Don't rush things or push things too quickly.

Look below in the Resources section if you want more information about getting back together with your ex.


Plan everything in the evening just the way your ex will love it. Remember that you are doing things that your ex enjoys so try not to insert your favorite things. That could be a turn off for your ex if they think that you are still only thinking of yourself.

Focus only on your ex for the entire evening. Anything that he or she wants. It is time to treat your ex like the prince or princess that he or she deserves to be treated. Don't hold back.
Knowing how to use the magic of making up to get your ex back will help you to repair your relationship.


Let your ex know your true intentions. Opening up your heart and sharing your deepest feelings will really help he or she to understand that you really want them back and your are sincere in all of your actions.

Be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. If your spouse does not want you back be gracious. Do not get mean and nasty, no matter how things go. Your ex allowed you back in for one evening, so appreciate their graciousness by giving yours. Not to mention that you still may have a chance, so do not blow it by blowing up.

If you need more information on how to use the magic of making up to get your ex back, please look here.