Sunday, May 3, 2009

Reinvent Sexy in Your Relationship

Look to the past to reinvent sexy in your relationship.

If you are looking to give your relationship the sexual boost it needs. Look into some retro sexy looks. Panties with tails, ruffle lingerie and aprons with nothing on underneath.

Remember that he thinks you look sex regardless of what you think of yourself. Even if you think you look fat, your husband still thinks you look sexy especially if you are wearing something sexy.

You may already have something in your closet for your new sexy look or you can go down to the thrift and see what they have. These aprons look easy to sew and you can probably find a pattern that is similar.

Friday, May 1, 2009

How To Have Better Sex

Have you been wondering how to have better sex?

There are many things that you can do to improve you sex life that does not require therapy or expensive toys.

GET MARRIED - Many things change when you get married. One of the best things that happens is you become closer sexually. Sex is much better after you are married.

BE IN LOVE - Love is the ultimate aphrodisiac. If you are deeply in love sex will be so much better.

GET WARMED UP - Dinner, movie and a play and some close slow dancing will help everyone loosen up for the evening.

TURN ON THE FANTASY - Most of sexual pleasure starts in you mind. Fantasies are normal and healthy. You do not need to share them if you do not want to. But if you want to share your fantasy it may bring the two of you closer together.

You can have better sex today if you put your mind to it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why Have More Sex?

Are you wondering why you should have more sex? If so you must be female because males do not need to convince themselves to have more sex.

HEALTH - Having sex has numerous health benefits. It is great exercise and burns lots of calories for one thing. It also relaxes you in a way that nothing else can, which is great for stress.

RELATIONSHIPS - It brings you closer to your spouse every time you have sex. It is a bond that the two of you share. I am sure your husband is not wondering why you should have more sex, he knows why.

ATTITUDE - Great sex can help with your attitude also. It is like getting an attitude adjustment. How can you be angry at petty things in this world when you feel so good?

Stop wondering why you should have more sex and start doing it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

How To Have More Sex With Your Wife

If you have been wondering how to have more sex with your wife, look no further. Your wife does want to have more sex with you, but women have a tendency to let other things distract them. Sex is good for your body and excellent physically. Every relationship is different so this advice may not work in every situation, but you never know until you try it.

LAUGHTER - Laughter is the best medicine and it is also a great aphrodisiac. Make your wife laugh every day. Have fun with her. Rent a funny movie or take her to a comedy club.

SHE THINKS DIFFERENTLY - Remember that women and men do not think alike. Women like to be romanced. Butter her up slowly over the course of an evening. Women like to go to dinner, see a play and may be have drinks or dancing afterward. Dance with her. She loves to dance and you know it. Besides, no one is looking and you and no one cares how you dance. Are you starting to figure out how to have more sex with your wife?

LISTEN TO HER - If your wife is not convinced that you are hearing what she is saying it is a real turn off for her. Take the time to listen and give thoughtful answers. She likes to be listened to.

TELL HER SHE LOOKS THINNER - If nothing else works, this will for sure. Tell her how good she looks and that you think she has definitely lost weight. That should work great.

Now you know how to have more sex with your wife.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How To Have The Best Sex Ever With Your Husband

If you have been wondering how to have the best sex ever with your husband, look no further you have found the answers. Sexual pleasure is mostly in your head and if you can get your mind focus you will increase your pleasure.

Create a date night with your spouse. It can be as often as you would like, but make sure it is at least once a month. Make the night completely stress free, don't talk about tense issues or allow anyone else disrupt your special time together.

If you have any negative thoughts or issues in your mind you need to erase them from your mind, close your eyes and imagine all of the negative thoughts and issues written on a large chalk board. Take a giant eraser and erase all of the ideas on the chalk board. If they come back erase them again. Erase them as many times as needed.

Be flirtatious with your husband. Have an affectionate and sexy attitude. Act like teenagers again. Your attitude will greatly affect your husbands attitude.

WEAR CLOTHES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL SEXY- If you feel sexy, your sex with your husband will be better. Wear things that make you feel sexy, that do not have to be lingerie. But I am sure that your husband thinks you look sexy in any lingerie. Don't think that you look fat, because he doesn't. Don't even mention how you look if you can only say negative things about your body. Someone criticizing themselves is not sexy.

FANTASIZE - You can fantasize in your mind or you can tell your husband and let him help you out.

TOYS - Use whatever you feel comfortable with, such as videos, toys or vibrators.

You can have the best sex ever with your husband if you change our attitude toward sex.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to Look Sexy Today

How To Look Sexy Today

Sexy is more in your mind than your physical looks, but if you feel good about the way you look it will definitely help you to feel sexy. Take the time to look and feel your best so that you can feel sexy everyday.

A new hair cut or style can make you look and feel sexy. Tell your hairdresser or stylist that you are looking for a sexy new look. I am sure they will have just what you want.

Getting a manicure and a pedicure definitely makes you look and feel sexy immediately. Properly manicured nails look so much better.

A fresh new make up look does a world of good. You can get a free new make up look at the make up counter at your local department store.

You don't need to go out into the sun or the tanning booth. You can get a faux tan that will look beautiful. You can get a professional spray on tan or you can spray one on yourself. Self tanners have come a long way and now they no longer look orange and streaky.

Sexy clothes don't have to be skimpy. Clothes that make you feel good also look very sexy on you. Where something that you feel sexy in.

A sexy attitude makes a world of difference. Feel sexy in your mind and you will look sexy today.

How To Find Sex Predators in Your Area

How To Find Sex Predators in Your Area

You can easily find all of the registered sex predators in your neighborhood. The problem is that no matter how large or how small the number of sex predators in your neighborhood is, that number represents only about 25% of the total number of sex predators. Half of them have never been caught and half of the ones that are required to register either do not register or they move and do not give their new address.

If you have a large number of sex offenders in your neighborhood, you may want to move, especially if you have children or you are a woman living along. Most sex offenders are men, but as time passes more and more women are showing up on the sex offender list.

Your local police department has the most accurate up to date information on the sex predators in your neighborhood, they may also have more information such as photos, names, exact addresses and details of charges.

There are many great websites such as Family Watch Dog that help you to find the sex offenders in your area. Sometimes the information is not the most accurate.

START YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH - Start a neighborhood watch program so that everyone in the neighborhood knows what is going on. Volunteer as much as possible so that you can get to know your neighbors better.

It is very important to the safety and security of your family that you find the sex offenders in your neighborhood.

How to Protect Your Kids From Child Molesters

Everyone that has children needs to know how to protect your kids from child molesters. Child molesters are everywhere and they are not wearing a baseball cap that says, "Hey, I am a child molester". You cannot tell by the clothes they wear, the car they drive or how much hair they have on their heads. You cannot spot a child molester.

Only half of convicted sex predators are listed on the registers as they are supposed to do. And only half of the actual child molesters are ever caught. Therefore, only 25% of the actual offenders are on the sexual predator list. Don't allow your child to be the next victim of a child molester, protect them all the time.

RESEARCH YOUR AREA - You can check with the numerous online agencies or your local police department to find out where the child molesters in your neighborhood live, what they look like and their names. They are everywhere. If there are not very many in your neighborhood, just remember that the list does not take into account those that have not yet been arrested, and those that did not register, nor those that did not update their address when they moved. If there are a large number of sexual predators in your neighborhood you may want to move. Never confront a sexual predator, if you have a problem, call the police.

FRESNO, CA - Remember the little 8 year old girl with the big white smile that went missing, later to be found dead. She had 78 registered sex offenders within 2.5 miles of her home.

WATCH YOUR CHILDREN ALL THE TIME - You need to keep an eye or an ear on your kids at all times. Even if you let them play on the front lawn, you should have the window open so that you can hear every move. If you hear a car, step out the front door until they have passed. Never leave your child with anyone that you do not know really well. This also includes teachers, coaches, instructors, babysitters, neighbors and friends.

DON'T TAKE RISKS - You can always say no. If your child wants to go some where or do something with people that you do not know very well or do not trust, just say no. Don't take a risk.

LISTEN TO YOUR KID - Children usually do not tell if someone is molesting them. You may never know. Watch for signs such as mood swings, depression, drug and alcohol use or a behavior change.

Protect your kids from child molesters, they are everywhere just waiting for a child who is not being watched by an adult.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why Women Are Not Offended by Lesbian Girls or Women

Why Women Are Not Offended by Lesbian Girls or Women

I don't know if you have noticed, but men are very offended by gay men. They do not want to be mistaken for a gay man nor do they want to be associated with a gay man. They cannot even understand if a women is friends with a gay man. It is just too threatening to their manhood to have anything to do with a gay man, but on the other hand, women are not offended by lesbian girls or women.

Women have absolutely no problem being friends with lesbian girls or women. They do not have a problem with it because women are secure in who they are. They know that they are not lesbians and it is not an issue. The worst thing that could possibly happen would be if the lesbian came on to the heterosexual women for sex or intimacy and then she would have to turn her down. Because she is secure in her sexuality it would probably make their friendship stronger.

However, many lesbian girls or women do not like to be friends with heterosexual women because they are jealous and they do not want their partner to be interested.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Search in Aruba For Natalie Holloway

Another Search in Aruba For Natalie Holloway

After almost four years since the disappearance of Natalie Holloway, her father is conducting another search in Aruba. He has hired a private investigator to search a pond that is less than 1 mile from the place she allegedly disappeared.

The private investigator and Natalie's father believe that there is a good chance that some evidence will be found in the pond. Possibly Natalie's remains or other evidence, such as Joran's missing sneaker.

Joran Van Der Sloot has practically admitted that he was involved in her disappearance. Joran is currently in college in the Netherlands (Holland). He has recently had other legal troubles of alleged crimes.

Natalie's parents hope that this final search will shed some light on the case. Police say that their long investigation is almost at an end and they are asking the public for help.

Murdered British Coed Tried to Call Home

Murdered British Coed Tried to Call Home

Cell phone records indicated that Meredith Kercher attempted to call her mother at 8:56 pm and the call was not connected. Police estimate that she was killed between 9:00 pm and midnight. She may have been trying to call her mom when she was attacked. Her mother is ill and she would call her every night.

The police allege that Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede were involved in some kind of sexual trist with Meredith that she apparently did not want to participate in. I think that the motive alleged by the police seems sort of weak.

Meredith, her room mate Amanda and drifter Rudy were all 21 at the time of the murder. Meredith and Amanda were roommates and were attending Leeds University in Perugia, Italy.
The whole story does not make any sense. Clearly something happened that compelled someone to kill Meredith, but I doubt it was sexual threesome or foursome. It is more likely that it was a single male that committed the murder.

Two Teens Face 25 Year Jail Sentence For Burning Cat

Two Teens Face 25 Year Jail Sentence For Burning Cat

Two teens ages seventeen and eighteen face up to 25 years in jail in Brooklyn, New York after they broke into an abandoned apartment building and held a cat down, poured lighter fluid on it and set it on fire.

The cat survived the attack, but was severely injured. It was later put to sleep at a local animal hospital.

The ASPCA lead an intense investigation which led authorities to the two teens.

The two teens are charge with second degree arson, second degree burglary, and aggravated animal cruelty which could lead to a sentence of 25 years in jail.

The two teens are also wanted for other crimes committed in the apartment complex including a burglary where they broke into an apartment and assaulted the tenant while demanding money.

How to Survive Highschool

How to Survive Highschool

This article is for teens struggling to get through highschool.

50% OF LIFE IS JUST SHOWING UP - Go everyday, you would be amazed at the things that you miss when you are not there. Much of life is small steps added together. Many teachers give grades or portions for attendance.

TURN IN SOMETHING - Do your best work for every assignment and turn something in. Even if you do not know how to do it, that is how you learn. You make mistakes, the teacher tells you what is wrong and then you fix it. You are not expected to know how to do everything, you are learning.

NEATNESS COUNTS - You will learn that in life, appearances do matter. Look your best and do the same for your school work.

D's ARE PASSING - You need to pass all of your classes so that you can graduate. You would not believe the minimal amount of effort it takes to get a D. Slightly more and you will get a C. Some real effort will land you a B and going the extra mile will get you an A. Later in life no one will ever ask you what your grades are, but they will ask you if you graduated high school. At least to the minimum, even with all D's you can still get a high school diploma.

ASK FOR HELP - There are guidance counselors for a reason. If you need help, ask for it.

Stimulate Your Senses With a Cocoon Bath Tub

This Tub Looks Like A Toilet To Me
Amethyst Bath Tub

Light Up Bath Tub

Cocoon Tub

Stimulate Your Senses With a Cocoon Bath Tub

If you are looking to feel good, just check out some of these luxury tubs. My autistic son absolutely loves these types of unusual shapes. Of course, we do not have one, but if we did, he would love it. I am sure this particular tub would be financially way out of reach for us and most americans especially during these hard economic times.

The amethyst tub is absolutely gorgeous. I don't think that I would want to bath in it for fear of breaking it. It looks so fragile.

The white bath tub with the black trim looks a like a toilet to me. My six year old first pointed it out to me. She asked me about "The toilet picture".

The lighted green bath tub looks very cool. It would be fun if you were bathing outside.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Promise to Never Use the R word

Promise to Never Use the R word

Other words have already been publicly banned, but many people still freely use the word retard. I admit the word was very popular in my middle school and high school days to label someone that you did not like, but these days it is very politically incorrect to use the word retard.

With disabilities in the forefront of many minds and disabilities like autism showing up in one out of every 165 births in America, we can no longer ignore the "R" word.

The special olympics is asking everyone to take a pledge to stop using the "R" word and to stop tolerating it's use.

After President Obama's gaffe with Jay Leno on the tonight show, disabilities and the special olympics have been highlighted in everyone's mind. Take this opportunity to take the pledge to never use the "R" word and to remind others to never use it as well.

26 year old Kills 3 Police Officers in Oakland, California

26 year old Kills 3 Police Officers in Oakland, California

The family of the slain parolee claim that "he is not a monster". Right, I am sure there is a good reason why suspect, Lovelle Mixon, killed three police officers in one day. I am actually surprised that they did not get him sooner.

Oakland, California, which is known for having some very violent areas, has highly trained police officers that are always watching out for such risks, but when two officers pulled over, Mixon, for a traffic stop earlier in the day, he killed one and injured the other. Mixon was eventually killed by police, but not before killing two more police officers.

Other Mixon family members offered their prayers for the families of the slain officers.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
ordered flags flown at half staff in the capitol of Sacramento.

Looking for Cash? Find it On An L.A. Freeway

DEA agents (drug enforcement agency) are searching for cash that was thrown out of a vehicle during a high speed case. Hopefully some deserving citizen will find it before they do.

Approximately $17,000 was collected by agents and an unknown amount was found my motorists passing by. Police say that some of the motorists have turned in the money that they collected, while others have not.

Police are reviewing their videos to see if they can identify motorists that collected up money from the freeway but have not yet turned it in.

The police claim that it is evidence in their criminal investigation. I say that $17,000 is enough evidence for their criminal investigation, why don't they just leave these poor people alone. I certainly do not want to hear any future news of these citizens being prosecuted for any of this silliness.

Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

You make them every year, but can you remember your resolutions from last year? Did you keep any of them?

BE REALISTIC - Make resolutions that you can actually achieve. You know yourself. Don't generalize, such as I will spend more time with my kids, be specific, such as I will spend 1 hour each evening with my kids, doing what they want to do. Don't make more than 3 resolutions. This year, I only have 2.

SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS - Divide each resolution into small steps. Write each step on the top of your calendar for each month. Step one for January, Step two for February, etc. You will have a better chance of reaching your goals if you have a plan written down.

YOU CAN DO IT - If you give up or forget for awhile, don't let that stop you from continuing. Set a reward for yourself at the completion of each resolution, go big, such as a Trip to Disneyland or a day at a spa!

You can keep your New Year's Resolutions if you do not forget about them.

How to Serve the Best New Years Eve Cocktails (Drinks)

How to Serve the Best New Years Eve Cocktails (Drinks)

If you want a party that everyone will remember, serve the tastiest drinks and cocktails. Choose your 3 favorite drinks below and concentrate on making the best.

MARTINI - Now, who doesn't like a good martini? What makes it good? Cold Vodka! Of course it is now popular to have many flavored martinis, but the old classic is the best.

MARGARITA - Not just for Cinco De Mayo. Blended or on the rocks, salt or no salt, always a party favorite.

SNOWBALL - This classic makes a comeback. Advocaat with lemonade and lime. This one will have your grandparents reminicising for the good old days.

DISARONNO - On the rocks or a Disaronno Darkness. Festive liquers and cream are always a party favorite.

RUM - Fruity rum punch or a long island Iced Tea are always a crowd pleaser. Make sure you have plenty of pineapple slices on hand and some cute umbrellas.

CRANBERRY - Anything cranberry! I love it with vodka on the rocks, but you can be more creative and try a cranberry kick.

Get creative and mix up the best New Year's Eve Cocktails for your friends.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

World's First Bullet Proof Baby Stroller, What Will They Think Up Next

What kind of world are we living in today that parents want to buy a bullet proof baby stroller for their kids? This is absolutely scary. If the neighborhood is so bad that you feel the need to push you baby in a bullet proof stroller may be it is time for you to move to a new neighborhood.

I guess if you are Tom Cruise or the like you may be so neurotic that you think that bullet proof baby stroller is necessary but seriously I can't imagine why anyone would want one of these.

If we have to live in a society where everything is bulletproofed, what kind of society are we living in. I heard that even good old Barack Obama is wearing bullet proof suits that protect him all the way up to his neck. Actually probably a smart idea. Any day now he will come out with a bullet proof box on his head with air holes in the front. It will look like the pope mobile but on Barack's head.

How to Know When To Cut Someone Out Of Your Life

How to Know When To Cut Someone Out Of Your Life

It is hard to let go of someone, especially if they have been in our lives for a long time, but there are red flags that will alert you when to let go.

YOU CHANGE - If you have made major changes in your life, such as quitting smoking, quitting alcohol, quitting gambling, etc. You should definitely cut the people out of your life that still do those things. Family members must be kept, so just try to avoid them until you have at least a year away from your vice.

THEY CHANGE - If your friend dives into an addiction, such as cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, pornography, sex, etc., you must cut them off. It will actually help them to hit their bottom. You can always contact their family members and try to help from a distance. Do not get involved in an intervention unless you are a very influential friend.

THEY STEAL - If your friend steals from you, their employer or someone else, it is time to let them go. Even if they have not stolen from you yet, it is just a matter of time. This person is not your friend anyway.

THEY ARE VIOLENT - Violence toward you, someone else or an animal is a very bad sign. If you see violence in a friend, move! Change your phone number and address and do not contact them again. This is not something that can be helpped very easily.

Hopefully you will know when things have gotten to the point where they are dangerous and you can then cut that person out of your life.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Jan's Aunt Hit Ground

This is a true story about the aunt of a friend of mine. Jan's aunt decided that she want to travel to Chicago for a vacation. Auntie could not find a friend to go with her so she went by herself. Because she was in her late 60's she stayed a very nice hotel. It made her feel much safer. She was still very cautious travelling on her own.

On the first day of her trip, she left her hotel room and went into the elevator. After she entered, five black men entered right behind her. One of them said "hit ground". She immediately jumped face first onto the ground. The men chuckled and helpped her up. They explained that they meant to press the button for the ground floor. She was so embarrassed that she did not say anything for the rest of the elevator ride.

A week later she tried to check out of her hotel room. The clerk told her that her room was already paid for and handed her a note from the man that paid the bill. The note said, "Thank you for the best laugh of my life, Lionel Ritchie."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to Have a Successful First Date For Men Only

She agreed to go out on a date with you, now don't blow it!

THINGS NOT TO DO ON A FIRST DATE: 1. Too little cash, make sure you have more than enough for all of the events of the evening. Pay for everything, even if she offers, don't accept. Do not go to the ATM machine more than once. 2. Don't talk about ex-girlfriends, let's make this one never! If she asks, just say they are not important. 3. Don't take her anywhere uncomfortable, such to a hot tub. 4. Do Not Shave your chest, most women love chest hair!

THINGS TO DO: 1. The standard dinner and a movie is perfect. 2. A kiss, even if it is only on the hand or cheek is necessary. 3. You already know the basics of good hygiene and respect. Don't forget to shave, women do not like scratchy faces. Always open doors for her, including the car door. WAIT at least 12 hours before you call her after your date. You do not need to wait two days, but do not call her later in the evening or early the next morning.

How to Meet Women

Tired of meeting the same kind of women, who seem like your type initially but soon show their true colors. Try these tips to meeting a higher quality woman.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS - Wear the nicest clothes that you are most comfortable in. Make sure they are clean and pressed. Arrive showered, shaved and well groomed. You can take a moment to clean under your fingernails, it won't hurt you. Remember, first impressions are key, you can be yourself later.

VISIT or join groups (even if you are not interested, you can try it) such as book clubs, dance lessons, bible study groups, art classes, grocery stores, restaurants at shopping malls, coffee shops or libraries. No bars! You have tried that enough, I am sure.

AVOID ASKING HER OUT DIRECTLY - Many women may be inclined to say no just because they do not know you. Try asking her if she would be interested in joining a group that you will be attending, such as meeting a group of friends for coffee or going to see a band.

Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Have a Great New Year's Eve Party

Have a fabulous party and enjoy it too!

LOCATION - Have your party at the best location you can afford. A nice restaurant is preferable, however, your house can be just as fabulous with a little planning. If you have a friend with a better home layout or view, convince them to have a party by volunteering to help plan it.

PREPARATION - Cleanliness is next to godliness so make sure your space is clean. Fully stock toilet paper, clean towels, and tissue. Make sure you have areas set up for conversations, by placing sofas and chairs strategically and adding seating where needed. Make sure there is plenty of parking outside for the number of guests you are expecting.

FOOD and DRINKS - Prepare many easy items the day before. Have your appetizers ready so that you can pop them into the oven easily. For example buy some prepared pastry dough and cut it into triangles. Add a small slice of sausage and cheese and roll up. Heat until golden brown and you have a delicious quick appetizer. Have plenty of drinks on hand and recruit some of your friends to be dedicated drink makers to rotate during the evening.

OVER INVITE - Remember that 10% less than RSVP will actually show up. Tell friends if it is all right for them to bring more than one guest.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Friend of mine is a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago

I have a friend in Chicago that is a personal injury attorney. This guy is absolutely crazy. He is the type of guy that when you meet him, the first thing you think of is "he's an attorney". He is a guy you can hang out with on Friday night and get completely plastered and then not remember what happened the next day. His girlfriend/wife is cute until she opens her mouth and then she is missing some teeth.

His law practice is going absolutely gang busters. I think that many people that are intimidated by your average lawyer actually like this guy because they feel more comfortable with him. He does wear a suit every day, but usually with boots instead of dress shoes that he likes to keep propped up on his desk. His hair is long and some what disheveled.

There are usually a couple of Harley's parked out front of his law office in downtown Chicago. I would love him to represent me if I was a guilty criminal, but I do not know if he would be my number one choice of an attorney if I needed a personal injury attorney.

Are Mesothelioma Attorneys taking advantage?

Are Mesothelioma Attorneys taking advantage?

Right now I am researching the disease of Mesothelioma. I have seen many television ads reaching out for people that may have been exposed to asbestos. I am always suspicious when I see television ads promoting anything because most of the time they are just out to make money.

I do know one thing, the more you see a television ad, the better the ad is doing. Therefore if we keep seeeing ad after ad on Mesothelioma then you know that the advertising is working. If the advertising is working, then there must be quite a few people that think they have Mesothelioma or know they have it. May be they think they were exposed to asbestos and worry that they might get Mesothelioma.

The attorneys that are advertising are definitely ambulance chasers. They are trying to drum up business anywhere that they can find it. These kind of cases really bog down our justice system and hurt real victims that have been injured. Hopefully, the court will only allow the cases where their is actually a presence of Mesothelioma and it was proved in a court of law that the defendants negligence caused the illness.

Asbestos has been outlawed for a number of years, I can't imagine that there would be that many people that have Mesothelioma. That being said, I will keep you updated on what I find out about these Mesothelioma attorneys.

Should I hire a DUI Attorney?

Should I hire a DUI Attorney?

Should I hire a DUI attorney or should I just follow the court orders? If you are satisfied with the courts decisions which can vary depending upon how high your blood alcohol level was and your driving. Many times, your license will be revoked for a minimum of 30 days and then the revokation may be extended after you go to court. The court usually requires a drunk driving class and a certain number of hours in jail or community service.

Even if you hire an attorney, you will still have to do most of the things that the judge imposes. However, if you spend a little money on an attorney, may be $500-$1,500, you then will not have to go into court. Your attorney will go in for you. Your attorney will let you know what the standard punishment will be. You can ask your attorney to ask for a lower sentence. It never hurts to ask. He may be able to get your license back sooner or your community service shortened or waved. It is definitely worth a try.

If you have a good job and are needed by a company or your family, you may be able to have your attorney argue that you are better off driving for your job than having your license suspended.

I highly recommend hiring an attorney for all court experiences, especially criminal cases and dui cases need an attorney.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When To Hire A Criminal Attorney

When should you hire a criminal attorney?

Number one is "as soon as the police want to talk to you". If a crime has been committed and you or one of your family members is in close proximity to the crime, you should refuse to answer even the most basic questions. Remember the police are not trying to find the truth, they are trying a find a suspect. Don't let it be you.

You should also protect the other members of your household especially children. Children should not ever speak to the police.

Your attorney can pass along all of the pertinent information that the police need and yet protect your rights. The police are not looking out for the rights of the people they interrogate. As a matter of fact they can purposely mislead you, lie to you and trick you into saying things. They will then twist the things you say into a new meaning. They can also lie to others, so that person comes to you with information that they feel is the truth (because they heard it from the police).

Hire a criminal attorney immediately before making any statements, allowing the police in your home or giving them any thing they request.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lesbians have each others baby

We are sliding down the slippery slope. I have never heard of this before but now lesbians are actually having their eggs fertilized with invitro fertilization and then the fertilized eggs are being placed in the other lesbians uterus. The result is both lesbians pregnant and both are legally contected to the baby. One gives birth to the baby and the other is the biological mother.

I hate to even bring this up because it will give others the idea.

This premise is a new reality TV show on TLC. I normally allow my kids to watch shows about multiple kids, but when I found out that it was two lesbians I really got grossed out.

I am fine with everyone conducting their lives the way they want to and I have nothing personal against most lesbians. I disagree with being a lesbian because obviously it is not what god intended but it does not mean that I dislike the person. I just disagree with their choice of being a lesbian.

I also do not understand why I even need to know that someone is lesbian or gay. I do not go around saying "I am a heterosexual", "I only want to love a man". Seriously, can't they keep that private.

In this case I do have a problem with these two women, each pregnant with twins, bringing four children into the world without a father and a normal household. It is so unfair to the children. We have seen in recent years how important a normal stable family is to children. Two moms or two dads seems more like a science experiment. Let's see if they come out normal.

Then years later, you find out that at least one child in every family of gay or lesbian parents turns out to be gay. Hummm, I wonder. How did that happen. Oh, that's right, may be it was because their moms or their dads told them it was all right. May be they started to enjoy seeing two women make out or two men kissing. This kind of behavior damages childrens brains. It is abnormal.

Do what you want if you are an adult, but do not subject innocent children to deviant behavior.

If you do not think it is deviant, then just try to have a baby naturally!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not Your Average Nun

An MP3 player shaped like a cross sounds very cool, but a nun with a respirator mask on is scary. I guess that being a nun is no longer sacred. Apparently models, hollywood, etc. think that they nuns are fair game in the quest to be different.
I think that the last thing that nuns want to be is sexy. Sexy is not on the list of qualities that God looks for when he is sending a calling out to a nun. I am not sure what is on that list, but I know what is not on it.
I wonder why these gals posed for these photos. Are they trying to make a statement or did they just get paid a fair wage.

Man Stuffs Cat In Bong

A 20 year old man tried to calm his cat down by stuffing it into a homemade bong. He know has to answer to the police and animal lovers. He was caught smoking marijuana from the bong while the cat was stuffed inside. The cat is expected to be all right, but the man faces charges of animal cruelty.
The police were at the home due to a domestic disturbance call. Although the cat appears fine, the charges could go up if it dies or is found to have other injuries.
The cat did not move the entire way to the humane society, although the doctors could not find anything wrong with it.

My Head Feels Like It just Exploded

I think these are paintings of what I look like in the morning. Especially after a night of drinking.
Do you ever feel like your head is going to explode? And keep exploding until all the bad stuff is out.
The artist is obviously very talented. This is an incredible idea to give the illusion of liquid (wine?) spewing from the necks of otherwise normal looking people. The explosion can symbolize so many different things, but in todays society, I think that it represents all of the horror that we hear about every day and then blowing out of our heads.
We would all sleep better at night if we could blow out all of the badness out of our heads every day and have a clear head. Of course in these paintings the head is just gone.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fabulous Carnival 2009 Photos

Fabulous Carnival 2009 Photos

If you have never attended Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, you really must try it at least once.
There is nothing like it any where in the world. Thousands of people attend from all over the world. The people, food, floats and costumes are the most extravagant spectacles that you will ever see in your life.
Carnaval, as it is spelled in Portuguese, is a four day event that begins on Saturday and ends on Fat Tuesday. Carnival Sunday is seven weeks before Easter Sunday. The first records of carnival date back to 1723 and show no signs of slowing down.
In 1983, Brazil's most prominent architect Niemeyer,was hired to build the Sambodrome, home of the Samba Parade at Carnival. Prior to 1983, make shift bleachers were set up every year. The Governor spared no expense to have the Sambodrome built in just four months and it is absolutely stunning. The Samba Parade is a can't miss event.
It is very safe inside the Sambodrome. Air conditioned taxi service is available to and from the Sambodrome for about $40 each way for upto four passengers. The taxi will take you directly to your sector for easy entry and exit.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2095 Word Story Tatooed on the Same Number of People

2,095 people each have one word of a 2,095 word story tattooed on their bodies, ....somewhere. The writer posted an ad on a public forum and along came volunteers. I know that people get tattoos for a variety of reasons, but this one seems the most pointless. Are these people ever going to get together to spell out the story, doubtful.
The writer, Shelley Jackson, is now writing a new skin story, just in case you were left out of the first one, now is your time to jump in. One participant was even quoted as saying that when one word dies the story changes. As if someone will call him when one of the "words" as he calls them dies. I guess he would then cross their word out of the story, as if someone is keeping track.

Former Pfizer Vice President Ordered to Pay Molestation Victim $200G

Former Vice President of Pfizer, Alan Hesketh, was ordered to pay $200,000.00 to a victim of child molestation. Even though he was not the perpetrator. Hesketh was caught with photos of the sex crime and also distributed them.

The victim, who is now an adult said that she was victimized when she was 9 years old by a relative that wanted to sell the photos to someone in another state.

Prosecutors say this is a landmark case, while defense attorneys say that Mr. Hesketh should not be punished for a crime he did not commit. Hesketh's attorney, Johnathan Einhorn says he will appeal of course. Einhorn, Einhorn, now where have I heard that name before.....

A "Man In Black" Took Her Says Little Brother of Haleigh

Haleigh Cummings Dad and Grandmother
Haleigh's little brother Junior allegedly told his dad and his mom that a man in black took his sister. His mother, Crystal Sheffield confirmed this story and she said the Haleigh's father told the same story. I am just wondering when he first came up with this story. Did the father tell him this story, or was Junior awake at 3 am and saw the perpetrator.
The 17 year old girlfriend of Haleigh's father said that she last saw the girl when she got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but did she actually see her or did she just hear her get up.
The father claims that Haleigh disappeared right before he arrived home at 3 am. But just how would he know that?
Some people are allegeding that the 17 year old girlfriend, Misty Croslin, may have left after putting the children to bed and may not have even been there when Haleigh went missing.
Of course, there is also the allegation that Misty Croslin's cousin, Joe, who happens to be a sexual predator, was visiting for several days leading up to the disappearance of Haleigh.
God bless her and bring her home.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Truth Dribbles in About Haleigh Cummings

5 Year old Haleigh Cummings Missing From Her Bed In Florida
The truth is slowing starting to trickle in about the kidnapping and/or disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. Now it turns out that the cousin of her dad's seventeen year old girlfriend is a sexual predator and he just happened to be visiting during the time that Haleigh went missing. What a great relative to have around your five year old daughter. I bet the dad did not know the history of that guy, but he should have known, it is his job as a father to know that kind of information.
It is now being speculated that the seventeen year old girlfriend, Misty Croslin, may not have been in the trailer with the sleeping girl when she disappeared.
The sexual predator cousin is from Tennessee and now there is a report that a man in a Red RAV4 was seen in Tennessee with a young girl fitting the description of Haleigh.
Police have their hands full with this case, their are so many suspects it makes your head spin.
God Bless her soul.

4 Year Old Tells Tree Trimmers Her Mom Is Dead

Kenzie Houk and her daughters 7 and 4 year olds.
Eleven year old Jordan Brown

When children have to deal with a new step family, just hope that there is not a loaded gun around. A four year old found her 8 month pregnant mother dead after her older sister and eleven year old step brother (parents not married) had hopped onto the school bus.
Police theorize that the boy shot his soon to be step mom in the head while she was in bed with a gun he just received for Christmas. I guess in this part of Pennsylvania people buy eleven year olds guns. I am sure he would have loved a nintendo wii instead. His father is teaching him to hunt.
2 out of 3 step families don't last, but that does not stop people from trying it. Do yourself and your kids a favor, if you get divorced or widowed, don't remarry or shack up until the kids are eighteen.

Friday, February 20, 2009

What to do with Octuplet's Mom

The mother of the recently born octuplets should be taught a lesson of sorts. Once her babies come home from the hospital, she should be left with all 14 of her children, alone for 3 days. I think that would be more than a big dose of reality. After that friends, family and the community should come in and help her before something happens to the children.

Under no circumstances should the children be taken away from her. That is totally crazy. Children are always better off with their parents (unless their is extreme abuse). Besides, look at our social services program. When children are taken away from parents, many times they end up with foster parents that treat them worse.

Nadya Suleman should be given a reality TV show, that way we can watch her and see how the children are being raised, we will no longer have to speculate. Even the people that are mad at her will watch it and the network that runs it will make tons of money.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scarest Clown Photo Ever

This has got to be the scariest clown photo that I have ever seen. This is like the clown that ate chucky or something like that. The blood stains really add flair.

Never Represent Yourself in Court

Never Represent Yourself in Court

Whether you are up for candy bar theft or serial murder, the last thing you want to do is represent yourself in court. Fools try it all the time with the same result. You would not fill your own cavity so don't represent yourself in court. This is the one time when a professional is provided for you free of charge, so take advantage of it. You can still give them your opinion and protest when you do not think they are being helpful.

What if I get a bad attorney?

This might actually work to your advantage. If you have a bad attorney that really flubs up your case, you can use these facts in your appeal. An inept attorney that makes mistakes is actually doing you a favor if you are guilty. Of course, if you are innocent an inept attorney could be a liability to your case.

Should I testify on my own behalf?

I am not an attorney and I am not giving legal advice anywhere on this website however, in my non legal opinion there is only one circumstance inwhich you should testify on your own behalf. You should only testify for yourself if you are guilty and there is a mountain of credible evidence against you.

If this is the case, then you should testify on your own behalf. Make a list of all of the evidence against you that has already been presented to the jury. When you are on the stand you should give a reasonable explanation for every bit of evidence against you. Even if your excuses are not probable they must be reasonable.

You must present yourself calmly, respectably and reasonably on the stand. You must be dressed conservatively and properly. Your hair must be cut short if you are man and worn in a sophisticated manner if you are a woman.

Speak as if you are giving a book report in school. You are just telling the facts. Do not get emotional unless it is reasonable to do so, such as in the case where an innocent person has been harmed.

What Not to Wear in Court.

1. Never wear anything revealing in court. This is not a place to show cleavage or a butt crack.

2. Never wear jeans or shorts.

3. If you wear a dress or skirt, you must properly cover your legs with nylons or tights.

4. Leave the stilleto heels at home. Wear an appropriate height heel.

5. Never wear t-shirts, especially not ones with sayings on them.

6. No stained or dirty clothing.

7. Men and boys should wear nothing less than a suit and tie.

8. Both genders should dress conservatively.

Guinness Cat Single Pack

Photograph by Rusty Haskell
Next time I won't let the cat find out my atm pin number!

This Zebra Photo Makes My Eyes Hurt

Is this a photo of one Zebra with a double ass or just the reflection from crocodile dundee's rearview mirror. I would seriously be scared if this rear end was facing me. Is there some kind of orgy going on in there or what? Do Zebra's have orgies? I don't know.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Cannot Stand Another Kidnapping out of Their Beds

How many children have to be snatched out of their own beds before the public does something about it? This is so outrageous. Did they check every home, apartment and car in the neighborhood? If not, why not? They should ask every person to voluntarily have their homes and cars searched every time there is a missing child. The police should let people know that they will not bust them for other things like drugs or weapons. And the police should have some integrity and live up to that promise.

If the police had searched the neighborhood of Jessica Lundgren, then she would still be with us. She was right there, next door and still alive with that pervert, John Cooey. Why do sex offenders always have ooey names. Just go to one of those watch dog group websites where they list sex offenders. You will see that they all have these icky sounding names.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

2 Year Old Survives 5 Days with Dead Mother

The poor little guy. A 2 year old boy was found after his father called police and told them that he could not reach his estranged wife on the phone or by knocking on her front door. The little one was dehydrated with a bad diaper rash and was drifting in and out of consciousness, but he was alive. He was hospitalized and is doing well.

The police do not suspect foul play, but the body of his 32 year old mother, Erin Yeager, will receive an autopsy.

The boy is recovering and flirting with the nurses at the hospital.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Casey Anthony's Father Released From Hospital

This is just the saddest story getting sadder. I don't know how any could have ever accused these poor grand parents of being involved in baby Caylee Anthony's disappearance, but they did. This poor family has suffered enough. They knew that their daughter was a liar and a thief but they had no idea that she could kill her daughter or allow her to be killed.

I do not know if we will ever know what happened in this case, but we now know for sure that Caylee is up in heaven with God and the person most likely responsible is in jail.

Casey is such a sick puppy, she will probably never tell anyone what happened to Caylee. Did she plan it ahead of time, it appears that could be true. Hard to believe. I am sure we have not heard all of the details and the police just like to leak out the information that makes her sound guilty, such that she was looking up words on the internet.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Man Pleads Guilty to Raping 6 year old Boy in Library

What is this world coming to? It is so disgusting that this convicted pervert was let out of jail and allowed to rape a 6 year old boy who was at the library with his mother. That shows how dangerous these sickos are. He could not even control himself for a second. He saw the little boy and attacked. He did not even care that he was in the middle of a public library.

At least he pleaded guilty, but will the judge just let him out again. He was a convicted sex offender already on parole. The Massachusetts judicial system has lost all control. This guy should never be let out again. We already know that they cannot be rehabilitated. If you are a relative of this guy, Corey Deen Saunders, you should write to the court and let them know that you do not want him out on the streets again.

They (prosecutors) do have the option in Massachusetts as well as many other states to put a special request into the judge to request that sex offenders are never released. The prosecutors did request it after his last conviction, but the judge let him out anyway because he did not commit any sexual crimes while in prison. WHAT?

It is disgusting that our children are not even safe in a public library while we are just a few feet away.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Perverts Girlfriend Saved My Life

Once, about 28 years ago, I was twelve years old at the time and I found myself in the living room of a pervert after a bike ride. I will not tell you how he enticed me into his livingroom because I do not want to give any other sickos any ideas. I thought that I was a pretty savvy twelve year old, but I guess not.

I knew something was weird when he wanted to bring my back in his house also. I guess he did not want to leave any evidence outside for anyone to see. He is home was a one story rancher style in a very nice area of an upscale California town. It was decorated in batchelor pad style with a leather couch, nice stereo, large television etc.

He offered me a glass of water which I accepted and ask me if I wanted to sit down on the couch. He then began to ask me what I thought were very strange questions. He wanted to know if I had ever seen a strip show or chippendales dancers. Of course, I hadn't. He said that he was a stripper. I really doubt it because he was not good looking, was kind of fat, getting a pot belly and I would guess in his late 30's.

He asked me if I knew what a champagne finale was, I, of course said no. I asked me if he could demonstrate for me and luckily for me, before I could answer, the phone rings. I was beginning to become uncomfortable and that phone ringing sounded so good. I did not know at this point if I would ever get out of this situation. He talked on the phone only briefly so I did not know at first that it was my ticket out of this house.

He said it was his girlfriend on the phone and that she was on her way over. He then asked me if I wanted to hide in the closet and watch them while they had sex. I over course declined. For a brief moment I thought he would tie me up and force me into the closet, but I guess he decided to let me go. I could not really believe it until I was out of there.

He then looked at my bike and said that the tires needed air. I declined but he didn't listen. He took my back out through his front door and leaned it up against the house in the entry area. There was a wall up, so I still could not see sunlight, but I could hear other neighbors in the street. I thought briefly about screaming but then I thought I would wait to see if he would actually let me go. He went into the garage to grab a bike pump and returned in just moments, while I was still frozen. He squated down to pump my tires and purposely allowed his johnson to hang out so that I would see it. I quickly looked away. I was starting to worry that he would put me in the garage and I would never get out.

Finally, he was done with the tires. I jumped on my back and took off so fast, all of the neighbors were staring at me as I went off.

Later I found out that a girl that went missing when I was in the third grade was on her bike on the same trail that I was on that day. I have always wondered if it was the same guy. She was never found.

Watch Out for Sickos

Last week there was a story that went viral on the web about a guy who ran into someone that lived in his building. The neighbor asked him to help carry a television set inside. Once in the basement the guy could see that there was a lot of gay porn and the place looked a little like a dungeon. He got out of there as fast as he could.

Next I will be posting a similar story of my run in with a sicko. You have to keep your eyes and ears open all the time. These sickos are everywhere. They are just looking for a victim, whether or not the victim is an adult or a child. Keep your kids close to you and away from these guys.