Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to Have a Successful First Date For Men Only

She agreed to go out on a date with you, now don't blow it!

THINGS NOT TO DO ON A FIRST DATE: 1. Too little cash, make sure you have more than enough for all of the events of the evening. Pay for everything, even if she offers, don't accept. Do not go to the ATM machine more than once. 2. Don't talk about ex-girlfriends, let's make this one never! If she asks, just say they are not important. 3. Don't take her anywhere uncomfortable, such to a hot tub. 4. Do Not Shave your chest, most women love chest hair!

THINGS TO DO: 1. The standard dinner and a movie is perfect. 2. A kiss, even if it is only on the hand or cheek is necessary. 3. You already know the basics of good hygiene and respect. Don't forget to shave, women do not like scratchy faces. Always open doors for her, including the car door. WAIT at least 12 hours before you call her after your date. You do not need to wait two days, but do not call her later in the evening or early the next morning.

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