Friday, March 13, 2009

A Friend of mine is a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago

I have a friend in Chicago that is a personal injury attorney. This guy is absolutely crazy. He is the type of guy that when you meet him, the first thing you think of is "he's an attorney". He is a guy you can hang out with on Friday night and get completely plastered and then not remember what happened the next day. His girlfriend/wife is cute until she opens her mouth and then she is missing some teeth.

His law practice is going absolutely gang busters. I think that many people that are intimidated by your average lawyer actually like this guy because they feel more comfortable with him. He does wear a suit every day, but usually with boots instead of dress shoes that he likes to keep propped up on his desk. His hair is long and some what disheveled.

There are usually a couple of Harley's parked out front of his law office in downtown Chicago. I would love him to represent me if I was a guilty criminal, but I do not know if he would be my number one choice of an attorney if I needed a personal injury attorney.

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