Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Serve the Best New Years Eve Cocktails (Drinks)

How to Serve the Best New Years Eve Cocktails (Drinks)

If you want a party that everyone will remember, serve the tastiest drinks and cocktails. Choose your 3 favorite drinks below and concentrate on making the best.

MARTINI - Now, who doesn't like a good martini? What makes it good? Cold Vodka! Of course it is now popular to have many flavored martinis, but the old classic is the best.

MARGARITA - Not just for Cinco De Mayo. Blended or on the rocks, salt or no salt, always a party favorite.

SNOWBALL - This classic makes a comeback. Advocaat with lemonade and lime. This one will have your grandparents reminicising for the good old days.

DISARONNO - On the rocks or a Disaronno Darkness. Festive liquers and cream are always a party favorite.

RUM - Fruity rum punch or a long island Iced Tea are always a crowd pleaser. Make sure you have plenty of pineapple slices on hand and some cute umbrellas.

CRANBERRY - Anything cranberry! I love it with vodka on the rocks, but you can be more creative and try a cranberry kick.

Get creative and mix up the best New Year's Eve Cocktails for your friends.

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