Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to Meet Women

Tired of meeting the same kind of women, who seem like your type initially but soon show their true colors. Try these tips to meeting a higher quality woman.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS - Wear the nicest clothes that you are most comfortable in. Make sure they are clean and pressed. Arrive showered, shaved and well groomed. You can take a moment to clean under your fingernails, it won't hurt you. Remember, first impressions are key, you can be yourself later.

VISIT or join groups (even if you are not interested, you can try it) such as book clubs, dance lessons, bible study groups, art classes, grocery stores, restaurants at shopping malls, coffee shops or libraries. No bars! You have tried that enough, I am sure.

AVOID ASKING HER OUT DIRECTLY - Many women may be inclined to say no just because they do not know you. Try asking her if she would be interested in joining a group that you will be attending, such as meeting a group of friends for coffee or going to see a band.

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