Thursday, March 12, 2009

When To Hire A Criminal Attorney

When should you hire a criminal attorney?

Number one is "as soon as the police want to talk to you". If a crime has been committed and you or one of your family members is in close proximity to the crime, you should refuse to answer even the most basic questions. Remember the police are not trying to find the truth, they are trying a find a suspect. Don't let it be you.

You should also protect the other members of your household especially children. Children should not ever speak to the police.

Your attorney can pass along all of the pertinent information that the police need and yet protect your rights. The police are not looking out for the rights of the people they interrogate. As a matter of fact they can purposely mislead you, lie to you and trick you into saying things. They will then twist the things you say into a new meaning. They can also lie to others, so that person comes to you with information that they feel is the truth (because they heard it from the police).

Hire a criminal attorney immediately before making any statements, allowing the police in your home or giving them any thing they request.

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