Sunday, August 29, 2010

Terri Horman: What Will You Do Now?

Dear Terri Horman,

You have great power my dear. The power that you hold in your hands is immense. You have already used your power to get Kaine out of your life, but you did not know that it would cost you James and Kiara. You did not know that it would cost you friendships and relationships. You did not know that it would hurt your family, friends and the nation.

But now you can use your power to do something good. You can use your power to bring relief.

You hold the power to bring relief to not only the parents of Kyron Horman but to hundreds of thousands of people world wide who are following this story.

Right now, you feel powerless. You feel like your life is spinning out of control. But you can stop the spinning. You can turn your anger, frustration and hurt into something good. You can redeem yourself in front of God and the world.

You can do something that no one thinks you have the guts to do. You can prove to everyone that you are not cowardly, mean and evil. Only you have the power, only you have the control.

You can tell your attorney the truth and ask him to contact law enforcement so that you can lead them to Kyron. If you are not ready to admit how or why, you can save that for later. You don't even need to tell them how you know where Kyron is. Just tell your attorney where Kyron is and he will do the rest. He will continue to fight for your rights. You will be able to see Kiara again.

But best of all, you will have a great weight lifted off of your chest. You will feel relieved. Everyone in the country will know that you did the right thing.

Just do it and God will show you the way.

Your only other option is living in fear each and every moment. Knowing that any day at any moment the police will show up to arrest you. Take the power and control back, make the first move and relieve this pain.