Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Keep Your Kids Safe From Sex Offender Crimes

Everyone needs to keep their kids safe from sex offender crimes. There is no way to tell a sex offender just by looking at them. They may be working at local stores, your neighbors or even volunteering at your child's sports games. Never leave your child alone with anyone unless you know the person is very safe.

CHECK THE REGISTRY - Check online for sex offender registry lists for your area. It should tell you where the sex offenders live in you area, what their crimes were and show a photo of the sex offender. If some of the information is missing, contact your local police station to find out the information. Once you know where the sex offenders live, do not contact them, just avoid them and make sure that your children avoid them. Only have of the sex offenders are caught and put on sex offender registry lists and only half of the ones required to register actually do register, so that means that the register list only represents 25% of the sex offenders that are out on the streets.

DON'T ALLOW YOUR CHILD OUT OF YOUR SIGHT - Why risk your child's life or well being by allowing them to be unattended? It is unfortunate that our world is dangerous, but we have to face reality. Do not leave your children unattended or with adults that you do not know very well. Get to know all of the adults in your child's life. If someone is not very responsive when you are talking to them or they avoid eye contact with you, you should be suspicious. Also be suspicious of adults that seem to go out of their way to spend time alone with your child. Do not trust someone just because they are your relative or belong to your church, never leave your child with someone that you do not know and trust thoroughly.

TALK TO YOUR CHILD - Remind your child that there are bad people in the world. Let them know that no one should touch them or their private parts.

You should also remind your child about the possible dangers of kidnapping and how bad guys may use something such as a kitten or candy to lure them into their car. Even though it is an uncomfortable subject it is important that you regularly remind your child of the dangers.

Let your child know what to do if they become separated from you in public or in a large crowd. Tell them to go to someone that works there or to woman with children for help.

Keep your child safe from sex offender crimes.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Spice Up The Sex With Your Wife Tonight

If you want to spice up the sex with your wife tonight get creative. Even if you are apprehensive about approaching your wife with new ideas for the bedroom, you should give it a try because she may be more receptive than you think. You can turn up the heat to level 1, 2 or 3 and when things get dull again, just spice it up again.


Buy your wife some sexy lingerie. You can surprise her with something that you love or take her with you to pick something out and have even more fun. Just the experience of trying on lingerie for you at the store will make both of you more playful in the bedroom tonight and give your sex life a little boost.

Take your out to her favorite restaurant and wine and dine her. Listen to your wife when she is talking. Get involved in conversations about things that she enjoys. If you really want a hot night in the bedroom when you get home, you should also take her out dancing.

When you get home and see her in the lingerie the first thing that you should say is how beautiful she looks and then tell her how skinny she looks.


Buy some sexy, fun adult toys to use in the bedroom. If your wife is timid, you don't need to tell her about them ahead of time, just surprise her with a new vibrator and drive her crazy. She will want to please you more and your sex life will be spiced up to level 2.

There are so many different directions that you can go with sex toys. You can find edible underwear or toys. You can use whipped cream and chocolate to lick off of each others bodies.


Rent or buy some adult videos to watch with your wife before sex. If you think she won't want to watch them, you can just surprise her with a soft porn film and then try for more at a later time.

Watching a little pornography before sex will help to get your wife hot. She will want to jump on you before the movie is even over. You will make your wife hot and she will want to have more sex with you.

You can try new things every time things get boring or you are not getting enough sex from your wife.

Ask your wife what she wants you to do for her and then do it.

How to Have The Best Sex With Your Husband

How to Have The Best Sex With Your Husband

Have the best sex ever with your husband because you want to.

FOR WOMEN - Learn the natural responses of men and women.

Men are turned on by simple pleasures, wear sexy lingerie, be the first to initiate sex, and plan time for the two of you to spend alone together each week.

Men usually become more affectionate and loving after sex, while women need to have their romance prior to sex. Women can take advantage of the moment and enjoy the extra love and affection that their husbands give them after sex. Wait until after sex to ask your husband to rub your back or make your favorite treat. This is a good time to have your favorite loving talk.

FOR MEN - Learn what women need to easily warm up for sex. Women need to be charmed and romanced. They enjoying talking and snuggling before sex. Do the things with your wife that she enjoys to warm her up for the moment. Take her to her favorite restaurant. Slow dance in front of the fire and tell her how beautiful she is.

Knowing how to have the best sex with your husband will spice up your marriage.

FOR BOTH - Understand that men and women are different and have different needs. Both men and women should make an effort to please each other because sex is beneficial to both. Having sex is good for everyone mentally and physically. Having a great sex life is one of the best things that you can do for your marriage. Enjoy life more beginning with the most important person in your life, your spouse.

Make a point to spend more time with your spouse just enjoying each other. If you are busy, take the time to have a date night at least once per week and make sure that you have plenty of privacy. Also take the time to be romantic and just snuggle on the couch instead of racing to the bedroom.