Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Spice Up The Sex With Your Wife Tonight

If you want to spice up the sex with your wife tonight get creative. Even if you are apprehensive about approaching your wife with new ideas for the bedroom, you should give it a try because she may be more receptive than you think. You can turn up the heat to level 1, 2 or 3 and when things get dull again, just spice it up again.


Buy your wife some sexy lingerie. You can surprise her with something that you love or take her with you to pick something out and have even more fun. Just the experience of trying on lingerie for you at the store will make both of you more playful in the bedroom tonight and give your sex life a little boost.

Take your out to her favorite restaurant and wine and dine her. Listen to your wife when she is talking. Get involved in conversations about things that she enjoys. If you really want a hot night in the bedroom when you get home, you should also take her out dancing.

When you get home and see her in the lingerie the first thing that you should say is how beautiful she looks and then tell her how skinny she looks.


Buy some sexy, fun adult toys to use in the bedroom. If your wife is timid, you don't need to tell her about them ahead of time, just surprise her with a new vibrator and drive her crazy. She will want to please you more and your sex life will be spiced up to level 2.

There are so many different directions that you can go with sex toys. You can find edible underwear or toys. You can use whipped cream and chocolate to lick off of each others bodies.


Rent or buy some adult videos to watch with your wife before sex. If you think she won't want to watch them, you can just surprise her with a soft porn film and then try for more at a later time.

Watching a little pornography before sex will help to get your wife hot. She will want to jump on you before the movie is even over. You will make your wife hot and she will want to have more sex with you.

You can try new things every time things get boring or you are not getting enough sex from your wife.

Ask your wife what she wants you to do for her and then do it.

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