Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looking for Cash? Find it On An L.A. Freeway

DEA agents (drug enforcement agency) are searching for cash that was thrown out of a vehicle during a high speed case. Hopefully some deserving citizen will find it before they do.

Approximately $17,000 was collected by agents and an unknown amount was found my motorists passing by. Police say that some of the motorists have turned in the money that they collected, while others have not.

Police are reviewing their videos to see if they can identify motorists that collected up money from the freeway but have not yet turned it in.

The police claim that it is evidence in their criminal investigation. I say that $17,000 is enough evidence for their criminal investigation, why don't they just leave these poor people alone. I certainly do not want to hear any future news of these citizens being prosecuted for any of this silliness.

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