Sunday, March 22, 2009

Promise to Never Use the R word

Promise to Never Use the R word

Other words have already been publicly banned, but many people still freely use the word retard. I admit the word was very popular in my middle school and high school days to label someone that you did not like, but these days it is very politically incorrect to use the word retard.

With disabilities in the forefront of many minds and disabilities like autism showing up in one out of every 165 births in America, we can no longer ignore the "R" word.

The special olympics is asking everyone to take a pledge to stop using the "R" word and to stop tolerating it's use.

After President Obama's gaffe with Jay Leno on the tonight show, disabilities and the special olympics have been highlighted in everyone's mind. Take this opportunity to take the pledge to never use the "R" word and to remind others to never use it as well.

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