Friday, March 13, 2009

Are Mesothelioma Attorneys taking advantage?

Are Mesothelioma Attorneys taking advantage?

Right now I am researching the disease of Mesothelioma. I have seen many television ads reaching out for people that may have been exposed to asbestos. I am always suspicious when I see television ads promoting anything because most of the time they are just out to make money.

I do know one thing, the more you see a television ad, the better the ad is doing. Therefore if we keep seeeing ad after ad on Mesothelioma then you know that the advertising is working. If the advertising is working, then there must be quite a few people that think they have Mesothelioma or know they have it. May be they think they were exposed to asbestos and worry that they might get Mesothelioma.

The attorneys that are advertising are definitely ambulance chasers. They are trying to drum up business anywhere that they can find it. These kind of cases really bog down our justice system and hurt real victims that have been injured. Hopefully, the court will only allow the cases where their is actually a presence of Mesothelioma and it was proved in a court of law that the defendants negligence caused the illness.

Asbestos has been outlawed for a number of years, I can't imagine that there would be that many people that have Mesothelioma. That being said, I will keep you updated on what I find out about these Mesothelioma attorneys.

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