Monday, March 23, 2009

Stimulate Your Senses With a Cocoon Bath Tub

This Tub Looks Like A Toilet To Me
Amethyst Bath Tub

Light Up Bath Tub

Cocoon Tub

Stimulate Your Senses With a Cocoon Bath Tub

If you are looking to feel good, just check out some of these luxury tubs. My autistic son absolutely loves these types of unusual shapes. Of course, we do not have one, but if we did, he would love it. I am sure this particular tub would be financially way out of reach for us and most americans especially during these hard economic times.

The amethyst tub is absolutely gorgeous. I don't think that I would want to bath in it for fear of breaking it. It looks so fragile.

The white bath tub with the black trim looks a like a toilet to me. My six year old first pointed it out to me. She asked me about "The toilet picture".

The lighted green bath tub looks very cool. It would be fun if you were bathing outside.

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