Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lesbians have each others baby

We are sliding down the slippery slope. I have never heard of this before but now lesbians are actually having their eggs fertilized with invitro fertilization and then the fertilized eggs are being placed in the other lesbians uterus. The result is both lesbians pregnant and both are legally contected to the baby. One gives birth to the baby and the other is the biological mother.

I hate to even bring this up because it will give others the idea.

This premise is a new reality TV show on TLC. I normally allow my kids to watch shows about multiple kids, but when I found out that it was two lesbians I really got grossed out.

I am fine with everyone conducting their lives the way they want to and I have nothing personal against most lesbians. I disagree with being a lesbian because obviously it is not what god intended but it does not mean that I dislike the person. I just disagree with their choice of being a lesbian.

I also do not understand why I even need to know that someone is lesbian or gay. I do not go around saying "I am a heterosexual", "I only want to love a man". Seriously, can't they keep that private.

In this case I do have a problem with these two women, each pregnant with twins, bringing four children into the world without a father and a normal household. It is so unfair to the children. We have seen in recent years how important a normal stable family is to children. Two moms or two dads seems more like a science experiment. Let's see if they come out normal.

Then years later, you find out that at least one child in every family of gay or lesbian parents turns out to be gay. Hummm, I wonder. How did that happen. Oh, that's right, may be it was because their moms or their dads told them it was all right. May be they started to enjoy seeing two women make out or two men kissing. This kind of behavior damages childrens brains. It is abnormal.

Do what you want if you are an adult, but do not subject innocent children to deviant behavior.

If you do not think it is deviant, then just try to have a baby naturally!

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