Monday, February 16, 2009

I Cannot Stand Another Kidnapping out of Their Beds

How many children have to be snatched out of their own beds before the public does something about it? This is so outrageous. Did they check every home, apartment and car in the neighborhood? If not, why not? They should ask every person to voluntarily have their homes and cars searched every time there is a missing child. The police should let people know that they will not bust them for other things like drugs or weapons. And the police should have some integrity and live up to that promise.

If the police had searched the neighborhood of Jessica Lundgren, then she would still be with us. She was right there, next door and still alive with that pervert, John Cooey. Why do sex offenders always have ooey names. Just go to one of those watch dog group websites where they list sex offenders. You will see that they all have these icky sounding names.

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