Thursday, February 19, 2009

Never Represent Yourself in Court

Never Represent Yourself in Court

Whether you are up for candy bar theft or serial murder, the last thing you want to do is represent yourself in court. Fools try it all the time with the same result. You would not fill your own cavity so don't represent yourself in court. This is the one time when a professional is provided for you free of charge, so take advantage of it. You can still give them your opinion and protest when you do not think they are being helpful.

What if I get a bad attorney?

This might actually work to your advantage. If you have a bad attorney that really flubs up your case, you can use these facts in your appeal. An inept attorney that makes mistakes is actually doing you a favor if you are guilty. Of course, if you are innocent an inept attorney could be a liability to your case.

Should I testify on my own behalf?

I am not an attorney and I am not giving legal advice anywhere on this website however, in my non legal opinion there is only one circumstance inwhich you should testify on your own behalf. You should only testify for yourself if you are guilty and there is a mountain of credible evidence against you.

If this is the case, then you should testify on your own behalf. Make a list of all of the evidence against you that has already been presented to the jury. When you are on the stand you should give a reasonable explanation for every bit of evidence against you. Even if your excuses are not probable they must be reasonable.

You must present yourself calmly, respectably and reasonably on the stand. You must be dressed conservatively and properly. Your hair must be cut short if you are man and worn in a sophisticated manner if you are a woman.

Speak as if you are giving a book report in school. You are just telling the facts. Do not get emotional unless it is reasonable to do so, such as in the case where an innocent person has been harmed.

What Not to Wear in Court.

1. Never wear anything revealing in court. This is not a place to show cleavage or a butt crack.

2. Never wear jeans or shorts.

3. If you wear a dress or skirt, you must properly cover your legs with nylons or tights.

4. Leave the stilleto heels at home. Wear an appropriate height heel.

5. Never wear t-shirts, especially not ones with sayings on them.

6. No stained or dirty clothing.

7. Men and boys should wear nothing less than a suit and tie.

8. Both genders should dress conservatively.

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