Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Casey Anthony's Father Released From Hospital

This is just the saddest story getting sadder. I don't know how any could have ever accused these poor grand parents of being involved in baby Caylee Anthony's disappearance, but they did. This poor family has suffered enough. They knew that their daughter was a liar and a thief but they had no idea that she could kill her daughter or allow her to be killed.

I do not know if we will ever know what happened in this case, but we now know for sure that Caylee is up in heaven with God and the person most likely responsible is in jail.

Casey is such a sick puppy, she will probably never tell anyone what happened to Caylee. Did she plan it ahead of time, it appears that could be true. Hard to believe. I am sure we have not heard all of the details and the police just like to leak out the information that makes her sound guilty, such that she was looking up words on the internet.

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