Sunday, February 1, 2009

Perverts Girlfriend Saved My Life

Once, about 28 years ago, I was twelve years old at the time and I found myself in the living room of a pervert after a bike ride. I will not tell you how he enticed me into his livingroom because I do not want to give any other sickos any ideas. I thought that I was a pretty savvy twelve year old, but I guess not.

I knew something was weird when he wanted to bring my back in his house also. I guess he did not want to leave any evidence outside for anyone to see. He is home was a one story rancher style in a very nice area of an upscale California town. It was decorated in batchelor pad style with a leather couch, nice stereo, large television etc.

He offered me a glass of water which I accepted and ask me if I wanted to sit down on the couch. He then began to ask me what I thought were very strange questions. He wanted to know if I had ever seen a strip show or chippendales dancers. Of course, I hadn't. He said that he was a stripper. I really doubt it because he was not good looking, was kind of fat, getting a pot belly and I would guess in his late 30's.

He asked me if I knew what a champagne finale was, I, of course said no. I asked me if he could demonstrate for me and luckily for me, before I could answer, the phone rings. I was beginning to become uncomfortable and that phone ringing sounded so good. I did not know at this point if I would ever get out of this situation. He talked on the phone only briefly so I did not know at first that it was my ticket out of this house.

He said it was his girlfriend on the phone and that she was on her way over. He then asked me if I wanted to hide in the closet and watch them while they had sex. I over course declined. For a brief moment I thought he would tie me up and force me into the closet, but I guess he decided to let me go. I could not really believe it until I was out of there.

He then looked at my bike and said that the tires needed air. I declined but he didn't listen. He took my back out through his front door and leaned it up against the house in the entry area. There was a wall up, so I still could not see sunlight, but I could hear other neighbors in the street. I thought briefly about screaming but then I thought I would wait to see if he would actually let me go. He went into the garage to grab a bike pump and returned in just moments, while I was still frozen. He squated down to pump my tires and purposely allowed his johnson to hang out so that I would see it. I quickly looked away. I was starting to worry that he would put me in the garage and I would never get out.

Finally, he was done with the tires. I jumped on my back and took off so fast, all of the neighbors were staring at me as I went off.

Later I found out that a girl that went missing when I was in the third grade was on her bike on the same trail that I was on that day. I have always wondered if it was the same guy. She was never found.


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  2. that's so messed up. i feel for you, i've been in a simalar situation.

  3. Lucky for me, nothing happened, but it has given me nightmares of the years to know that this sicko is still out there.