Friday, February 20, 2009

What to do with Octuplet's Mom

The mother of the recently born octuplets should be taught a lesson of sorts. Once her babies come home from the hospital, she should be left with all 14 of her children, alone for 3 days. I think that would be more than a big dose of reality. After that friends, family and the community should come in and help her before something happens to the children.

Under no circumstances should the children be taken away from her. That is totally crazy. Children are always better off with their parents (unless their is extreme abuse). Besides, look at our social services program. When children are taken away from parents, many times they end up with foster parents that treat them worse.

Nadya Suleman should be given a reality TV show, that way we can watch her and see how the children are being raised, we will no longer have to speculate. Even the people that are mad at her will watch it and the network that runs it will make tons of money.

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