Saturday, April 25, 2009

How To Have More Sex With Your Wife

If you have been wondering how to have more sex with your wife, look no further. Your wife does want to have more sex with you, but women have a tendency to let other things distract them. Sex is good for your body and excellent physically. Every relationship is different so this advice may not work in every situation, but you never know until you try it.

LAUGHTER - Laughter is the best medicine and it is also a great aphrodisiac. Make your wife laugh every day. Have fun with her. Rent a funny movie or take her to a comedy club.

SHE THINKS DIFFERENTLY - Remember that women and men do not think alike. Women like to be romanced. Butter her up slowly over the course of an evening. Women like to go to dinner, see a play and may be have drinks or dancing afterward. Dance with her. She loves to dance and you know it. Besides, no one is looking and you and no one cares how you dance. Are you starting to figure out how to have more sex with your wife?

LISTEN TO HER - If your wife is not convinced that you are hearing what she is saying it is a real turn off for her. Take the time to listen and give thoughtful answers. She likes to be listened to.

TELL HER SHE LOOKS THINNER - If nothing else works, this will for sure. Tell her how good she looks and that you think she has definitely lost weight. That should work great.

Now you know how to have more sex with your wife.

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