Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to Protect Your Kids From Child Molesters

Everyone that has children needs to know how to protect your kids from child molesters. Child molesters are everywhere and they are not wearing a baseball cap that says, "Hey, I am a child molester". You cannot tell by the clothes they wear, the car they drive or how much hair they have on their heads. You cannot spot a child molester.

Only half of convicted sex predators are listed on the registers as they are supposed to do. And only half of the actual child molesters are ever caught. Therefore, only 25% of the actual offenders are on the sexual predator list. Don't allow your child to be the next victim of a child molester, protect them all the time.

RESEARCH YOUR AREA - You can check with the numerous online agencies or your local police department to find out where the child molesters in your neighborhood live, what they look like and their names. They are everywhere. If there are not very many in your neighborhood, just remember that the list does not take into account those that have not yet been arrested, and those that did not register, nor those that did not update their address when they moved. If there are a large number of sexual predators in your neighborhood you may want to move. Never confront a sexual predator, if you have a problem, call the police.

FRESNO, CA - Remember the little 8 year old girl with the big white smile that went missing, later to be found dead. She had 78 registered sex offenders within 2.5 miles of her home.

WATCH YOUR CHILDREN ALL THE TIME - You need to keep an eye or an ear on your kids at all times. Even if you let them play on the front lawn, you should have the window open so that you can hear every move. If you hear a car, step out the front door until they have passed. Never leave your child with anyone that you do not know really well. This also includes teachers, coaches, instructors, babysitters, neighbors and friends.

DON'T TAKE RISKS - You can always say no. If your child wants to go some where or do something with people that you do not know very well or do not trust, just say no. Don't take a risk.

LISTEN TO YOUR KID - Children usually do not tell if someone is molesting them. You may never know. Watch for signs such as mood swings, depression, drug and alcohol use or a behavior change.

Protect your kids from child molesters, they are everywhere just waiting for a child who is not being watched by an adult.

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