Thursday, April 23, 2009

How To Have The Best Sex Ever With Your Husband

If you have been wondering how to have the best sex ever with your husband, look no further you have found the answers. Sexual pleasure is mostly in your head and if you can get your mind focus you will increase your pleasure.

Create a date night with your spouse. It can be as often as you would like, but make sure it is at least once a month. Make the night completely stress free, don't talk about tense issues or allow anyone else disrupt your special time together.

If you have any negative thoughts or issues in your mind you need to erase them from your mind, close your eyes and imagine all of the negative thoughts and issues written on a large chalk board. Take a giant eraser and erase all of the ideas on the chalk board. If they come back erase them again. Erase them as many times as needed.

Be flirtatious with your husband. Have an affectionate and sexy attitude. Act like teenagers again. Your attitude will greatly affect your husbands attitude.

WEAR CLOTHES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL SEXY- If you feel sexy, your sex with your husband will be better. Wear things that make you feel sexy, that do not have to be lingerie. But I am sure that your husband thinks you look sexy in any lingerie. Don't think that you look fat, because he doesn't. Don't even mention how you look if you can only say negative things about your body. Someone criticizing themselves is not sexy.

FANTASIZE - You can fantasize in your mind or you can tell your husband and let him help you out.

TOYS - Use whatever you feel comfortable with, such as videos, toys or vibrators.

You can have the best sex ever with your husband if you change our attitude toward sex.

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