Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to Have Better Sex with your Husband

Well, I guess we should start with having sex and then build up to having better sex.

If you do not have sex with your husband very much it is time for you to increase the frequency. It is good for both of you. Having sex is very healthy, not only is it good exercise, but it is also beneficial to your health and well being. Do not allow more than 30 days to pass before having sex. You really should increase it to at least once a week. If you are having difficulty getting yourself in the mood try watching a movie such as Dirty Dancing. If Patrick Swayze can't get you in the mood then you may need extra help.

Wear sexy lingerie. Yes, you should definitely do this. Do not worry about what you look like. Your husband does not care if you have gain a couple of pounds. He still likes to see you in lingerie, trust me on this one.

Use your mind and fantasize. Your mind is the best aphrodisiac. You can make yourself climax just by using your mind. Try it, it really works.

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