Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to Look Sexy Today

Everyone Can Look Sexy Everyone Can Look Sexy

There are many things that you can do to make yourself look and feel sexier today. You do not need to lose weight or get plastic surgery, there are many things that you can change within hours to make yourself sexy.

GET A NEW HAIR CUT - Splurge on a new hair cut for yourself. Let your hairdresser know that you are looking for something that gives you a younger and sexier look.

DO YOUR NAILS AND TOES - You can have a manicure and a pedicure or you can do it yourself. Nothing makes you feel fresh and sexy like getting your nails done.

GET A NEW MAKEUP LOOK - You can get a free new makeup look at the makeup counter at your local department store. You can also do it yourself or have a friend teach you a new look. You can dust your face with a face powder that is darker than your skin and it will give you a faux tan look. It will make you look healthier and sexier.

GET A TAN - Tanning is dangerous and ages your skin. Luckily, technology has brought us a new revolution in tanning. A spray on tan can be done professionally. Spray on tans are long lasting and look good. Or you can apply a tan yourself with many over the counter products. The do it yourself tan is easy to apply and will look good also. Tans are a great part of your sexy look.

WEAR CLOTHES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD - I am not talking about your favorite sweats. Clothes that make you feel like you look the best. Most likely you have them in your closet already, but you have not pulled them out in a long time. Clothes that make you feel like you look your best also make you feel sexy.

HAVE A SEXY ATTITUDE - If you think you look sexy and are sexy, you will be sexy. Sexy is an attitude more than anything else.

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