Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to Escape An Abusive Husband

If you are a victim of domestic violence you need to escape your abusive husband immediately. There is help available and you can be protected.

KEEP QUIET - Do not tell your husband you are leaving. You do not want your husband to find out that you are leaving before you get out, so do not tell anyone. Do not even tell your children until all of you (you and your children) are in safe hands.

- Call your local women's shelter. They will come immediately to pick up you and your children. They will take you to a safe place and your husband will not be able to get access to you. They will also help you with your plans for the future. There is no fee to you for this service.

WHILE YOU ARE WAITING - After you have called the shelter to come pick up you and your children, pack your bags. You do not need to pack everything just enough for a short trip and everything your kids need to feel comfortable, their favorite teddy bear or game boy.

TAKE ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN - Do not leave any children behind at your home for any reason. Take care of yourself and your children today.

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