Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to Use the Magic Of Making Up to Get Your Ex Back

Use the things that you know your ex can't resist to get him back.

Breaking up can be hard to do, but getting back together can be even harder. Learn how to use the magic of making up to get your ex back.

Remember the good times of the past to bring some nostalgia to your relationship. Think back to the best times and remember the things that your ex enjoyed the most and then try to relive them.


Convince your ex to make plans with you. If they are resistant, mention that you already have so much invested, why not one more meeting.

Tell them that you guarantee that they will not regret it. To seal the deal tell them that you made reservations at his or her favorite restaurant or another place that you know they cannot resist.

If your relationship is right on the edge, it may not take very much to pull it back to your side. Don't rush things or push things too quickly.

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Plan everything in the evening just the way your ex will love it. Remember that you are doing things that your ex enjoys so try not to insert your favorite things. That could be a turn off for your ex if they think that you are still only thinking of yourself.

Focus only on your ex for the entire evening. Anything that he or she wants. It is time to treat your ex like the prince or princess that he or she deserves to be treated. Don't hold back.
Knowing how to use the magic of making up to get your ex back will help you to repair your relationship.


Let your ex know your true intentions. Opening up your heart and sharing your deepest feelings will really help he or she to understand that you really want them back and your are sincere in all of your actions.

Be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. If your spouse does not want you back be gracious. Do not get mean and nasty, no matter how things go. Your ex allowed you back in for one evening, so appreciate their graciousness by giving yours. Not to mention that you still may have a chance, so do not blow it by blowing up.

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