Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Police Reveal 21 Names of Zumba Johns

Alexis Wright List of Clients in Massachusetts Released

Zumba instructor prostitution case moves forward as police release a list of 21 suspected johns out of 150 on the madam's list.  The judge in the case denied a legal motion to stop the names from being released.

In Kennebunk, Maine, feelings were mixed about whether or not a list of potential johns should be released to the public in the Zumba sex case that took everyone in this small town by surprise. At least two people on the list filed last minute motions to stop the john list of accused madam, Alexis Wright from being released to the public. Superior Court Justice, Thomas Warren denied motions to stop the names from being released. The Zumba instructor and alleged prostitute kept a list of 150 possible clients.
The list that was released by police today included: Gary Bahlkow, Jens Bergen, Norman Crepeau, Joseph Cuetara, Kenneth Fairbanks, Donald Hill, Monie Hobbs, David Kline, Robert Labonte, Dale Madore, Paul Main, Harry McMann, Kevin Pagliccia, Claude Palmer, Philip Parker, Colin Powers, Clinton Ray, James Soule, John Verreault, James White, and Peter Wormell, all of which have received summons to appear in court but have not yet been charged or convicted of any crime.

Rumors have spread around the quiet town that the entire list of 150 customers may include law makers, police officers and other officials. Many in town did not think it was fair to release the names, others felt that if you participate in illegal activity, you risk having your name exposed. No one on the list has been charged of a crime.

Alexis Wright has pleaded not guilty to 106 charges of prostitution and other charges. Her business partner, Mark Strong Sr, insurance agent and private investigator, also faces 59 misdemeanor charges. Mr. Strong has also pleaded not guilty to all charges. It is unclear at this point how much Strong participated and whether he knew anything at all about the prostitution ring. Allegedly some of the crimes were video tapped, possibly without of the consent of the client. This is a potential invasion of privacy case, although it remains to be seen if additional charges or claims will be added.

Kennebunk, Maine, is an unlikely venue for such crimes and most residents are shocked that this was going on right under their noses. Many locals that attended Zumba classes of alleged prostitute, Alexis Wright said that they had no idea she was leading a double life. Others said that they did notice she was friendly with the men who attended her classes but nothing seemed strange.

Alexis Wright is described by those that have met her as young and very energetic. She is credited with getting many local women into Zumba Dance, a latin inspired exercise dance. 

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